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Minecart Booster Blocks | Better Than Wolves Minecraft Mod

Updated on April 18, 2011
For more darkly utilitarian mods, visit:
For more darkly utilitarian mods, visit: | Source

Not everybody was tickled pink when Mojang made Wolves the focus of the 1.45 update. In fact, some people got downright tetchy with what they considered to be frivolous additions to the game. The 'Better Than Wolves' mod adds a bunch of additional functionality to the game, deemed 'Better Than Wolves' by its contributors.

Here's a quick summary of what you'll find in this mod:

Powered Light Blocks

Wish you could enter a room and turn a light on? Powered light blocks make that dream real. A useful tool when making mob grinders, and also quite useful when one wants to add an extra level of immersion to the game.


So, there's like this block right, and when it's powered there are flames on the top of it and when it's unpowered there are not. I suppose it would be useful for grilling steaks – oh, and creating cackelicious mob traps.

Minecart Booster Block

This is so revolutionary that I put it in the title of the piece. As much as some Minecrafters become irritated with what is seen as the never ending sniping at Notch to fix things, I have to say that Minecarts have been incredibly awful since alpha and it really is time that booster blocks were implemented. The good news is that even if you aren't going to download this mod, there are rumors that 1.5 (due out in just a few days) will include booster rails or similar. One way or another, Minecarts will soon be useful! This is exceptionally good news for me, because all I really want to do in Minecraft is build automated rail networks and rollercoasters.

Minecart Plate

Pressure plates have been added to blocks, allowing you to have a minecart triggered event. Imagine all the possibilities. Imagine them! This is another change that is set to be fixed in 1.5, but we will see.

Cement Buckets

Pour liquid stone all over the place. A potential destroyer of save files, but a great deal of fun too. Cement also works with redstone torches for various effects. This is not going to be included in 1.5, so download the mod to enjoy all the fun of liquid stone!

Iron Pressure Plates

These pressure plates can only be triggered by players, not passing chickens.

Block Dispenser

Blows my mind. Can't fathom what it does or what it would be useful for, but wiser minds than mine have uses for it.

Download Better Than Wolves Minecraft Mod


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