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Minecraft Adventure Maps

Updated on May 15, 2011
Pudding Huxtable's latest Minecraft Adventure Map pack, the Minecraft Island Adventure Playset
Pudding Huxtable's latest Minecraft Adventure Map pack, the Minecraft Island Adventure Playset | Source

Minecraft Adventure Maps are user created worlds that can be downloaded and played by other players. Adventure Maps usually have some kind of premise, either they require an objective to be fulfilled, or a story to be experienced. The player travels through the world doing their best to discover the mysteries contained within. Many Minecraft players enjoy playing adventure maps because unlike the base game, there's usually a point to an adventure map. Sandbox play is all very well and good, but some people just like goals to sink their teeth into.

Why Play Minecraft Adventure Maps?

The appeal of Adventure Maps is clear, you get to pit your wits not against a sterile computer generated world, but against a world purpose built by another human being. Instead of building fortresses and stadiums until you lose the will to place blocks, you get to enjoy a story put together for you. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with the pointlessness of it all, you get to discover man made structures that will take your breath away.

Let's take a look at one Adventure Map, shall we? For the purposes of demonstration, I've chosen the Minecraft Island Adventure Playset, mostly because of the sheer amount of effort that went into creating this adventure.

Minecraft Island Adventure Playset comes from the creator of Skylands, an epic Minecraft map that won the hearts and minds of many. The Island Adventure Playset consists of several differently themed islands that can all be visited. Each Island holds a secret and it is up to you to discover those secrets and compile them in your brain for your own satisfaction.

Can You Cheat In Adventure Map?

Of course. As always, you can play any way you want to. Most Adventure Map creators will recommend that you at least play on Easy for there to be any sense of challenge at all, but if you loathe challenge, then you can hack a bunch of items into your inventory and play on Peaceful if you want. You're ruining nobody's fun but your own, after all.

The only exception to this rule is if you're playing AdventureCraft, which is a stand alone mod that locks down your options and makes you play through the map with what you're given. (In AdventureCraft, there's no way to add or delete blocks, for instance. It's no longer a game of resource gathering, it's a game of brute force and smart survival skills.

How To Install Minecraft Adventure Maps

Installation of Adventure Maps is easy. Like any other world, once you have one downloaded, just add it to your Saves directory, which can be found in your .minecraft file. To play the Adventure Map, just open Minecraft and choose the world.


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