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Minecraft Boosters That Work | Five Minecart Perpetual Motion Machine

Updated on November 5, 2010

Wondered how to get your Minecraft minecarts whizzing all around the map like the ones you see in the videos? Get confused when you see people building little ramps here and there? Finally, here's a simple way to build an incredibly effective minecart booster that will send your minecarts from one end of the map to the other, top to bottom without stopping. Unless you hit a chicken or a cow, in which case you'll still come to a screaming halt, as cows and chickens and sheep are apparently little black masses of incredible density that can stop any object with any amount of momentum on a dime.

How To Build A Minecart Booster

Building the five cart booster is simple. Firstly, lay some track out in the smallest square possible. Put a block in the middle of it. Then place one, two, three, four and finally five minecarts on your little square. You'll notice that not much happens when the first four minecarts are placed, they sort of bump into one another in that vaguely uncoordinated way that minecarts have of bouncing into one another and that's about it. When you add the fifth one however, something magical happens. Your minecarts begin to whirl around at higher and higher speeds, completely obliterating some of the carts on the track.

Build these boosters next to any section of your main track and find yourself whizzing along at speeds you'd only imagined when you were painstakingly pushing your cart around by hand or bump jumping it up to the top of a tall slope every time you wanted to ride it down.

The fact that this booster works is probably, like most boosters, the result of some mildly broken game physics. Notch has indicated that at some point in the future this will be fixed, though he has also (fortunately) indicated that he will replace the glitches with an intended feature that will act to speed up minecarts. This could come in the form of a block or a special type of rail, we don't know as yet.

In the meantime, the best kind of minecart booster available is this five cart model. It is far more simple than other booster types to construct, and it actually works over very long distances, providing a valid means of transportation about your vast Minecraft metropolis.

There are mods available that also fix the slow, stinky minecart performance issue, Autocart is one of these, but it is offline at the time of writing due to having been broken by the Halloween update. You can expect to see an updated version at some point in the future.

To your minecarts!


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