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Minecraft Crashing | How To Fix Minecraft Crashing Problems

Updated on November 23, 2010
What Minecraft is not supposed to look like.
What Minecraft is not supposed to look like.

Crashes are increasingly becoming a large (and incredibly irritating ) part of playing Minecraft. Whilst all those who purchased the game before 2011 should be well aware that they purchased an Alpha version (and therefore are effectively bug testers who paid for the chance to be in on the ground floor of Minecraft excellence) there's not much point having a game that crashes more often than it works.

There are various types of Minecraft crashes, some are easily fixed, some are not. Here are a few types of Minecraft crashes and possible solutions. Please be aware that in some instances, instability is simply the sign of bugs yet to be squashed by Notch and his crew.

Black Screen

You're happily playing Minecraft when BAM, out of nowhere, the screen goes black. There's no way to exit the game other than to open up the Task Manager and quit the javaw process. I suffered this crash on multiple occasions myself, and it often occurs if render distance is set to far. If you've set render distance to far, try putting it back to normal and see what effect that has on your game.

Jonathan Giles, a Java developer also came up with a way to modify the memory allocated to Minecraft, if you feel like getting technical and tinkering with the nuts and bolts of the game, his potential fix can be found here.

Minecraft Crashes When Sound Is Turned On

Some players have had issues with Minecraft crashing when they turn the in game sound on. Sound is fairly important in Minecraft as it's pretty much the only way of knowing if there's a creeper creeping up behind you.

The only recommended fix I found for this was backing up saves and reinstalling Minecraft. It's not much of a fix, but it may work for you.

Minecraft Crashes In Multiplayer

SMP is the most underdeveloped part of the game. SMP crashes are to be expected. This is probably not the response you were looking for as it is not particularly helpful. You could try finding different, more stable servers with fewer bugs to spend your time on if the errors are being caused server side, or you can abandon SMP until it has been developed to a point of stability.

Minecraft Doesn't Work In Windows 7

In spite of Windows 7 being the way of the future (my boyfriend will not stop hassling me to upgrade to it) Windows 7 is still in development and, according to the official Minecraft forums, some drivers may be incompatible with Minecraft. Rolling back to previous drivers may help.

Other Crashing Issues

If you are experiencing other crashing issues, there is a FAQ hosted on the official Minecraft forums that may be of use to you. It addresses common problems with Java, with Minecraft servers and with other issues that may be plaguing you.


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