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Minecraft Dog Pets, Dye-able Collar Mod

Updated on April 6, 2011

Dog pets are undoubtedly the best addition to Minecraft since unsliced wheat bread, but there are some problems with them. They have a tendency to try to swim in lava, for instance, which is a significant cause of premature death. They're not very good at following you, so they tend to wander around behind you and teleport to you on occasion. This is pretty realistic (aside from the teleportation) and should probably be regarded as more of a feature than a bug.

One of the major problems with dog pets is telling one dog from another when you have a pack, and let's face it, you're going to have a pack ASAP. Nameplates would be one good way of knowing which wolf is which, but we don't have those, what we do have are the red collars that appear when a wild wolf becomes a tame dog. It's always red, which makes your dogs as distinct as Twizzlers. Fortunately this is a mod that allows you to dye the collar that your dog wears.

Want your little Princess Poochykins to have a pretty pink collar? Easy. Just scrape up some pink dye and throw it at her. Her collar will dye whilst the rest of her body remains its usual silver color. Prefer your mutt to have a muddy leather collar that reflects the hard graft they do every day? Brown dye is the answer. Have the feeling that your dog was a wood sprite in a past life? Pay homage to her imaginary heritage with a green color. The list pretty much goes on and I'll spare you examples for every color.

The mod is called Wolf Paint and I've no idea if it is compatible with Mod Loader or not at this point. The creator does not mention this aspect of the mod. It is therefore safe to say that one probably doesn't need Mod Loader to run it, but whether it will throw its train-set if you try to use one of the prominent Mod Loader installs, I could not say.

Still, if this is your first modding rodeo and you only want to use this mod and no other, then you will no doubt be happy with the simple applications this mod provides. Now you can become more attached to your Minecraft dogs than ever, which will totally not make things worse when they barrel head first into the nearest cactus encrusted lava pit.

Download the Dog Collar Color Mod!


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