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Minecraft Get Diamonds! FAST & Easy + Video (All Versions!)

Updated on March 13, 2016

Where are those diamonds??

Well Diamonds are one of the most powerful material in the minecraft universe! But, Where do they sleep? According to Minecraft Wiki findings and Various youtubers. Diamonds Range from the coordinates of Y- 10-13! So mine Down There!

Okay... So How do I mine

You dont mine in random places! Hopefully your not thinking of that but, its all right! There are many different ways of mining for different types of people in the minecraft universe. It depends on what you want . Strip mining is a pattern of mining in both the minecraft and real world. Both, Enables you to use less effort and time to gain a better chance of finding diamonds also, Letting you have an amazing massive strip mine to show your friends online! By the time your done with your strip mine you'll be the richest and be on your way killing everything possible

Easy Way to Strip mine

1 - The simpleton

Step 1 - Minecraft 2x2 Hall way going to any direction

Step 2 - After a decent Hall way make sure you place torches so a creeper doesnt steal you diamonds!

Step 3 - Mine one 1x2 hall way on the side of the hall way you just made, That 1x2 hall way is going to be 20 blocks in

Step 4 - Place more torches in the new hallway

step 5 - Go to the same side Skip one 1x2 and mine Another hallway

Step 6 - Repeat steps 3-6

Another way to mine

2 - The lazy Player

This Video Will show you everything for this strip mining pattern

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