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Minecraft Giant Mushroom Guide

Updated on September 18, 2011

The 1.8 Adventure Update has given mushrooms a new lease of life in the form of giagantism. Mushrooms, which were always fairly useful for creating mushroom soup, a nutritious and tasty delicacy, now add a certain something to the general landscape when they are grown to preposterously large scales. I have dubbed them the Gulliver Mushroom.

How To Grow A Giant Mushroom

Bonemeal (the product you get when you put skeleton bones into your crafting grid) is the best fertilizer known to square, blocky men and women. Applied to grass it grows tall grass and wildflowers. Applied to a little mushroom, it grows a giant mushroom. (Or a huge mushroom, as the official terminology would have us call it.) Of course, in order for bonemeal to work, your mushroom must be planted on dirt, grass or at a pinch, sand. It's possible to plant mushrooms almost anywhere, but they will only grow into giant mushrooms if given the correct soil conditions.

A giant mushroom, converted into a compact, well lit living space.
A giant mushroom, converted into a compact, well lit living space.

Giant Red Mushrooms | Giant Brown Mushrooms

Giant red mushrooms have a square-ish structure, whereas brown mushrooms are modelled after a flat cap style of mushroom and are simply straight planes of mushroom. Because giant red mushrooms make a naturally sheltering shape, many players transform red mushrooms into small bases.

Brown mushrooms are slippery to walk on, like ice. So watch out when you land on them and don't put too much acceleration on, or you'll end up sliding right off.

On average, brown mushrooms tend to be taller than red mushrooms, though, like trees, there is some natural variation in the height of various mushrooms and predicting the precise height of a mushroom before it is grown is somewhat difficult, if not impossible.

Towering mushrooms.
Towering mushrooms.

How To Farm Giant Mushrooms

The caps of the giant mushrooms can be destroyed and when destroyed, will drop new tiny mushrooms in great abundance, you can plant these again, and, with the liberal application of bonemeal, create an entire forest of giant mushrooms.

How To Destroy Giant Mushrooms

The best way to destroy a giant mushroom is with a sword. This may seem counter-intuitive, indeed, if you asked me I'd say an axe would be more appropriate, but Notch in his wise beardedness has seen fit to make the sword the default tool for mushroom destruction, so that's why it's taking you half an hour to get rid of giant mushrooms with other tools. Mushrooms are naturally fireproof, so don't bother trying to clear them with flame, it won't take.


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