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Minecraft Hot Air Balloon Mod | Flying Minecraft Machines

Updated on February 20, 2011

Ideas for flying Minecraft aircraft have been around almost since the game's inception, but they have thus far been out of our reach, like personal jet packs and hover cars and everything else that was promised to us by the Jetsons.

Instead of shopping on Mars, we've retreated inside our earthly burrows and instead spend our days pretending to tunnel into worlds made of lava. There's probably a lesson there somewhere, but let's not look too deeply into what it might be.

Instead, let us give thanks for this Minecraft mod, this glorious hot air balloon mod allows us to take to the Minecraft skies and drift, along with the Minecraft clouds on the Minecraft breeze.

The mod adds a recipe for crafting hot air ballons. Three blocks of wool, two pieces of string a torch and three sticks. (Finally, another use for string aside from bows.) These materials are not terribly hard to come by, which makes the balloon accessible even to the most die hard players who refuse to INVedit difficult materials into their game.

Place the balloon like you'd place anything in Minecraft, get inside and press the space bar to rise into the sky. You'll naturally fall over time of course, just as you would if you took your life in your hands for real and got into a giant ball of hot gas. There's no way to steer the balloon per se, it floats with the natural wind currents, which are random.

Now be aware, this is not one of those slick mods that I often review, mods that have been scrupulously tested with the utmost compatibility in mind. This is a rough mod, one that may be wildly incompatible with other mods you have installed. It might cause your game to crash, it might cause your saves to be deleted, it might cause your avatar to plummet to their doom. It might slowly destroy the relationships you have with your nearest and dearest, consuming you until nothing but it remains.

So basically, back up your saves, be prepared to uninstall the mods you currently have installed and don't get too attached to staying alive for too long. If you enjoy the mod and wish it was more stable and wasn't intensely aggressive towards oher mods, provide some feedback to the creator, or hurl riches in the creator's direction. These things tend to result in better work and support. T'is the way of the world.



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