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Minecraft Manifesto: The Wonder of Minecraft

Updated on October 26, 2011
A tree seen from a cave in Minecraft.
A tree seen from a cave in Minecraft. | Source

Minecraft has proved to be a game like no other. In all my many years as a gamer, I've never been so persistently excited about a game. I've personally been playing since late Alpha and I've been documenting most of that journey in various articles. This article is a little different than most. It's not a 'how to' article, it's more of a lament to be honest.

Let's start at the beginning though, back in the good ol' days of Minecraft Alpha and Beta. Back then gamers around the world were entranced by the idea of a persistent world that they could create block by block. No other popular game had ever offered that experience before. I'll never forget the sheer wonder of starting a minecraft world and realizing that all of it could be changed to suit my will and whim. All it took to create worlds of wonder was a steady supply of pick axes and the determination to carve away at the earth.

Minecraft sparked our imaginations and our desire to emulate greatness. Almost immediately people began creating wonders like scale representations of the Arc d'Triomphe and the Starship Enterprise. The word of Minecraft spread around the world, Minecraft took off like few other games ever had and its creator, Notch, became a multi-millionaire in a few short months.

An active community sprang up around the game and modders began to create their own unique creations that added various types of play to the game. Millenaire, an NPC mod that added interactive NPC villages to the game comes to mind as one of the most successful. Other popular mods included Mo'Creatures that added rideable horse mounts and Planes for Minecraft, which, fairly obviously, added planes.

Minecraft is more than just a game, its a phenomenon. A genre of its own. Other games, like Infiniminer, paved the way, but Minecraft brought the genre of world building games to the fore in a way that had never been done.

I owe a great debt to Minecraft. It has delighted and entertained me for many many months, far longer than any other game. For the past year or so, it has been the sun in my gaming universe. All things have revolved around Minecraft. I have played with texture packs, I have installed more mods than I can count, I have played and created survival maps galore. In other words, I have lived and breathed Minecraft.

But I do have some quibbles with the recent direction of the game... read about them in part two of this three part series Death by Dragon.


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