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Minecraft Massive Structures Mod

Updated on June 8, 2012

The Minecraft Massive Structures mod is unique in that it allows for players to instantly create massive pre-made creations using only a fraction of the materials needed. Basically, in the mod, you have to craft a block using specific materials. These recipes will create a single block that players can then place on the ground to instantly spawn one of several different buildings or machines. Some of these creations allow for a certain function to be fulfilled, while others are simply used to look nice or to easily create homes when exploring. There are twenty different creations available in this map, and none of them use more than nine blocks of materials.

My two favorite creations in this mod are the storehouse, which comes with more than enough storage space for any type of custom game, and the roller coaster, which allows you to whiz around on a mine cart. The track is absolutely insane!

A full list of creations, as well as how to craft them and a download link for the mod, can be found at the Massive Structures Mod Forum Thread.

In the end, while this mod does add a few neat features that are completely unique, I would only rate this mod a 4/5 points, due to the fact that it really makes it too easy to find shelter, create farms and storage, and just generally play the game. However, it is a lot of fun to fool around with, and playing with friends who also have this mod can make this one of the most enjoyable, if casual, mods available for Minecraft.

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