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The Best Minecraft Merchandise - Toys, T-shirts & More

Updated on October 22, 2013

During the last couple of years Minecraft has grown from a being one person little game project to become a massive game played by millions of people all over the world.

Minecraft has one of the most dedicated and creative fans out there for any game, the Minecraft fans might be so creative in how they show their love for this game just because a major part of the game (heck, let's say the whole game) is based on the creativity of the gamer, Minecraft really encourage the gamer to be creative and build something fantastic in the game, so it's no wonder that Minecraft has some of the most creative merchandise you can find when it comes to gaming stuff.

The fans (and companies) has taken the creativity out of the game and applied it into real life and created some amazing t-shirts, toys, posters and other merchandise any true Minecraft fan would ever want to wear, own or see!

In this list I will show you some of my personal favorites when it comes to Minecraft stuff, I hope you find something you like and also feel free to leave a comment with any suggestion of Minecraft items I should include in this list, I would really applicate it.

Minecraft Toys & T-shirt Video

Minecraft Creeper T-shirts

I'll start off with my favorite creature in the game (except those cute pigs of course....mmmm ham) I'm of course talking about the creepers of Minecraft. These bad boys will make your life hard in Minecraft, trying to destroy everything you ever created, so you might hate these monsters but let's try to set aside your hate for a second and have a look at some pretty fancy Creeper t-shirts instead.

My personal favorite among these creeper t-shirts is the first one, the glow in the dark t-shirt, simply because it's glowing in the DARK, I mean, how cool isn't that? Right?

My second favorite is the last t-shirt with the text Boom on it, it's just so graphically stunning and I love that font. Cool concept and great looking t-shirt basically.

If you want to check out these t-shirts more with more info and better quality pictures I suggest you head over to the store that sells them, Jinx gaming store, Jinx is a t-shirt and merchandise store that specialties in gaming stuff, and the official Minecraft store is actually located over there, so why not check out these t-shirts above and many more by heading over there.

Minecraft Foam Pickaxe & Sword & Costume heads

Now for some fun Minecraft toys and costumes, there's for example a bunch of Minecraft foam weapons and tools that you can find in the game. There's the pickaxe and the sword, these two look just like in the game and the size is just like the game, you can hold the toys and play around with them, the material is soft so it's OK for children to play with them but they're also not too soft so that they'll brake or anything. Perfect for as a gift for kids that wants to play Minecraft for real.

There's also the Pickaxe bottle opener, which is a bottle opener that looks just like a pixel pick axe from the game. And my personal favorite when it comes to the minecraft toys, the torch, when this one looks just like in the game, which is just great because I love that pixel feeling. The torch works like a flashlight and it runs on batteries.

You can find pictures of all these toys down below and you can also get more info about these toys by clicking the Jinx gaming store link just above of here, where you'll find all these amazing toys at.

This was just some of many many Minecraft merchandise that there is to buy online, and I hope you found at least something you enjoyed. If you want to find more Minecraft merchandise and more stores that have minecraft related stuff I recommend you check out the link below, it's a list/guide from the gaming blog Foxygamer where they share a huge list of the best merch available online, perfect if you're looking for a gift for a fan of the game or if you just want something for yourself.

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