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Minecraft Paint Mod: Paint In Minecraft

Updated on September 1, 2011
Minecraft just got a whole lot more urban.
Minecraft just got a whole lot more urban.

The Minecraft Paint Mod allows you to paint all the things. Almost all the blocks in your world become paintable, which basically means you're transformed from an overworked and underpaid builder / miner into a graffiti artist. This fun and innovative mod adds a whole new realm of creative possibilities in Minecraft and it is only a matter of time before we start seeing masterpieces painted entirely in Minecraft. That's my bet. In the meantime, I'll be ineptly doodling all over the grass like a disgruntled teen suddenly given access to infinite spray paint.

How To Craft A Minecraft Paintbrush

Paintbrushes are crafted with one block of wool and one stick, which makes them very cheap and easy to obtain, not to mention provides another use for wool. To add color to your paintbrush simply place it in the crafting grid with any color dye. That will create a brush that always paints in the color you chose to dye it.

How To Paint in Minecraft

Equip your paintbrush in the toolbar and then right click to paint as you see fit. You can paint on the sides, tops and bottoms of most blocks, however some, like logs, seem to resist paint. (This could be due to a mod conflict in my version of Minecraft, or it could be consistent across the board.)

Be aware that the brush isn't exactly what one might call 'fine' it's going to be difficult to create highly detailed works unless you're prepared to create them on a grand scale. That's pretty much the story of Minecraft in general however, and the brushes are certainly more workable in many respects than the blocks of colored wool we've all been working with.

How To Remove Paint

What if you've gone too far and want to undo your painting? Craft a paint scraper with a stick and an iron ingot. That's for fine tuning creations. If you want to get rid of a whole lot of painting, you can 'wash' it away using a bucket of water or a bucket of lava. Alternatively, if your whole world is full of paint and there just isn't enough lava to deal with it all, you can remove the world.paint file from your saves directory. This will remove all paint from your worlds – but it is pretty much the nuclear option.

Paint Mod for Minecraft Servers

There is a version of the mod available for Minecraft servers, but at present time it has not been entirely tested. That shouldn't get in the way of your attempted enjoyment of this mod however, most of Minecraft hasn't been thoroughly tested just yet anyway.

Download the Minecraft Paint Mod

See The Minecraft Paint Mod In Action!


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