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Minecraft Server Commands - Using the Give Command

Updated on January 26, 2011

The following article is a concise guide to using the give command within Minecraft

Minecraft is an incredibly enjoyable game to play. If you have played the single player game extensively you may eventually decide to set up your own multiplayer server. This is a great idea as there are many challenges and rewards to playing multiplayer Minecraft that are absent within the single player version. One of the major advantages of multiplayer  Minecraft is that server admins can use server commands to perform a vast range of useful functions. One of the more commonly used commands is the "give" command. This command allows the server admin to give themselves or any other player any resource that is available within Minecraft. Just imagine for a moment what sort of a world you could construct if all resources were limitless? The following is a list of the most commonly used resources within Minecraft. 

1 : smooth Stone

2 : Dirt Block with Grass

3 : Plain Dirt Block

4 : Cobblestone

5 : Wood (Plank)

6 : Shrub

7 : Adminium/bedrock

8 : water (Spring)

9 : water (Block)

10: Lava (Spring)

11: Lava (Block)

12: Sand

13: Gravel

14: Gold Ore Block

15: Iron Ore Block

16: Coal Block

17: Wood (Tree Trunk)

18: Leaf Block

19: Sponge

20: Glass

21: Unavailable (Red Cloth)

22: Unavailable (Orange Cloth)

23: Unavailable (Yellow cloth)

24: Unavailable (Lime cloth)

25: Unavailable (Green Cloth)

26: Unavailable (Aqua gree Cloth)

27: Unavailable (Cyan Cloth)

28: Unavailable (Blue Cloth)

29: Unavailable (Purple cloth)

30: Unavailable (Indigo cloth)

31: Unavailable (Violet Cloth)

32: Unavailable (Magenta Cloth)

33: Unavailable (Pink Cloth)

34: Unavailable (Black Cloth)

35: White Cloth

36: Unavailable (Grey Cloth?)

37: Yellow Flower

38: Red Rose

39: Brown Mushroom

40: Red Mushroom

41: Gold Block

42: Iron Block

43: Step Block (Double)

44: Step Block (Single)

45: Brick Block

46: TNT

47: Bookcase

48: Mossy Cobblestone

49: Obsidian

50: Torch

51: Fire

52: Pig Spawner (Mob Spawner)

53: Wooden Stairs

54: Treasure Chest

55: Redstone Dust (Wire)

56: Diamond (Ore Block)

57: Diamond (Solid Block)

58: Crafting Bench

59: Crops (like from a Seed)

60: Dirt Tilled

61: Furnace

62: Furnace (Burning)

63: Sign

64: Wood Door (Bottom Half)

65: Ladder

66: Rails

67: Cobblestone Stairs

68: Sign (Like on a Wall)

69: Lever

70: Pressure Plate (Stone)

71: Iron Door (Bottom half only)

72: Pressure Plate (Wooden)

73: Redstone (Ore Block)

74: Redstone (Ore Block, glowing)

75: Redstone torch (off state)

76: Redstone torch (on state)

77: Button

78: Snow (like on top of a block)

79: Ice Block

80: Snow (Block)

81: Cactus Piece

82: Clay (Block)

83: Bamboo

84: Jukebox

256: Iron Spade

257: Iron Pickaxe

258: Iron Axe

259: Flint and Steel

260: Apple

261: Bow

262: Arrow

263: Coal

264: Diamond

265: Iron Ingot

266: Gold Ingot

267: Iron Sword

268: Wooden Sword

269: Wooden Spade

270: Wooden Pickaxe

271: Wooden Axe

272: Stone Sword

273: Stone Spade

274: Stone Pickaxe

275: Stone Axe

276: Diamond Sword

277: Diamond Spade

278: Diamond Pickaxe

279: Diamond Axe

280: Stick

281: Bowl

282: Mushroom Soup

283: Gold Sword

284: Gold Spade

285: Gold Pickaxe

286: Gold Axe

287: String

288: Feather

289: Gunpowder

290: Wooden Hoe

291: Stone Hoe

292: Iron Hoe

293: Diamond Hoe

294: Gold Hoe

295: Seeds

296: Wheat

297: Bread

298: Leather Helmet

299: Leather Chestplate

300: Leather Pants

301: Leather Boots

302: Chainmail Helmet

303: Chainmail Chestplate

304: Chainmail Pants

305: Chainmail Boots

306: Iron Helmet

307: Iron Chestplate

308: Iron Pants

309: Iron Boots

310: Diamond Helmet

311: Diamond Chestplate

312: Diamond Pants

313: Diamond Boots

314: Gold Helmet

315: Gold Chestplate

316: Gold Pants

317: Gold Boots

318: Flint

319: Pork

320: Grilled Pork

321: Paintings

322: Golden apple

323: Sign

324: Wooden door

325: Bucket

326: Water bucket

327: Lava bucket

328: Mine cart

329: Saddle

330: Iron door

331: Redstone

332: Snowball

333: Boat

334: Leather

335: Milk Bucket

336: Clay Brick

337: Clay Balls

338: Papyrus

339: Paper

340: Book

341: Slime Ball

342: Storage Minecart

343: Powered Minecart

344: Egg

2256: Gold Record

2257: Green Record

The numerical code associated with each resource is used with the "give" command. The syntax for using this command is as follows:


The "T" opens the console for input. The "/" indicates that a server command is being given. "PLAYERNAME" is the name of the player being given the resource. 49 is the numerical code for obsidian, and 64 is the number of obsidian blocks being given to the player. It is important to note that you cannot allocate more than 64 units of any resource. So if somebody wanted 100 blocks of obsidian you would need to allocate this amount with two consecutive "give" commands. 

The "give" command is an incredibly useful tool for server admins. It is a command that you are sure to enjoy using. Have fun.


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