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Minecraft Server Management Ultimate Guide to Success

Updated on June 13, 2013




Common Misconception of Starting A Server

if you are familiar with Minecraft and had or still playing in several big, successful minecraft servers you will realise that most of their sites (in fact many of the minecraft servers) include a so-called 'donation' system. This makes people thinks that the server is actually making money from donations So they started making a minecraft server howevee received nothing but losing money. In fact, managing a server is not that simple, it costs a huge amount of money to run a successful server. Sometimes even successful server owners have to take out their pocket money and pay for the server cost as there are a lot of time that they are running the servers losing money.

Donation means vuluntary pays for someone to praise his/her contribution to something or to help out someone who is in need. In fact, the word 'donation' in minecraft world means both, as donors appreciate the owner's hardwork on running the server and to help out the server maintenance cost.

Running a server is not as easy as you think, so running a SUCCESSFUL minecraft server is nearly impossible if your server is not well known or something similar. This guide will take you through how to build a successful minecraft server and make money at the same time.

First step.. Planning

Planning is always the most important step in almost everything, like writing a good essay, building the world's tallest building and so on. Planning how your minecraft server run will benefit you a lot if your server lasts long. There are a lot of minecraft servers outside in the world, and to make yours unique planning is the first step to success. Just consider starting a minecraft server as building a skyscraper, planning always comes first.

There are many types of minecraft servers such as survival, pvp, jailbreak, smp, hardcore, economy, role-playing servers running on 4 'main minecraft OS' you can say, they are Bukkit, Tekkit, Vanilla (Official), and Fead the Beast. There are also many small 'OS' such as Spigot but the four main ones that were mentioned first are the 'boss' of running minecraft servers. This is like choosing what material you are using to build your skyscraper, concrete? Aluminium? Glass? Wood...?

(For bukkit only) Then, you have to expand on what type of server you are going to build. for example im going to build a pvp faction server what plugins am i going to use. I would suggest PEX (permissions plugin), Essentials package, logblock (anti grief, requires mysql), Signs, Factions... Choosing the right plugin can help your server to become more interesting and exciting to play in.

After you have finish all your planning, its time to build the base!

Start to build the base - Choosing the right host

This part is very simple yet diffucult (quite contradicting but you'll get what i mean). In minecraft world, there are more supply (hosts in this case) than demand (servers that need host in this case), so prices offered by the supply must be lower than the expected, calculated, original price. This makes the server owners that need host starting to get annoyed as they don't know which host to choose to go with. There are some more expensive, but are garunteed or received a great number of positive comments. Just remember - You'll get what you pay for.

Cheap servers are very tempting, but be careful because managing a hosting company is extremely hard and without enough customers you can expect the host to quit the business within 3-6 months. Choose some reliable hosts like BeastNode, Pixel-host, DaddyCheese, ProvisionHost... Go to MCF ( and see host's reviews from members.

once you have chosen a host it's time to move on.

Body of the Skyscraper - Actual building and advertising

The building process is very simple. Just build! However the advertising part is extremely hard (in my opinion). To successfully persuade people to come to your server is going to take time. So the first step is to be patient. there are many ways to get players, i prefer MinecraftForums, PlanetMinecraft and posting your server on a few top mc servers sites like ServerListMinecraft... To use them effectively you have to make your post good. Good as in amazing, fun to read. Adding photos or links will definitely help you getting players. Also make a banner for your server and use it as your forum's signature.

Make one post per forum and don't stsrt a new one when it's not on the first page, bump it per day or 2. This is allowed in many fouma but read their rules before bumping.

Finally the top... Receiving Donations with server

The final step answers most of the people's question - how to 'make money' with my server? - concludes this guide. Collecting donation is the final obvious 'symptom' of showing that your server is growing and supported with loyal players. To get donations most servers usually give out specal perks and/or in game money. This is just a way to say thank you from the owner. Ranks, special colors and prefixes also help you to attract people to donate. However unless your server is extremely amazing you wont really see people donating to you. There are some reasons behind that:

  1. Your server is not good enough;
  2. People cannot see that your server will last long;
  3. Your ranks are not good enough;
  4. Griefers, hackers ruining their gameplay...

You have to work hard on those things as well as small tiny problems such as training your admins and such. If you receive donations then well done your server is going great so far. However don't rely on donations entirely, remember to use your pocket money to pay for the remaining cost of the server if the donations cannot cover the whole cost. Never spam the console with 'please donate...' They will donate once they think the server is good enough.

that's it. I see a great 'skyscraper' there and keep up the great work!

About Me...

I am an owner of the amazing ModernVille Connect. ip:

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    • profile image

      Isaac 3 years ago

      If you going to criticize someone else maybe you should spell your words right :P (Writeing)

    • profile image

      Kaare 3 years ago

      You can only run plugins on bukkit. Not really. Spigot, modded servers like tekkit running on craftbukkit or spigot supports plugins too. Please get a little more knowledge before writeing a post...

    • profile image

      SkaarjLord 3 years ago

      Can u go more in depth about server host? I am rly confused on what to choose, what's reliable, and how to actually run them...

    • profile image

      cxboy 4 years ago

      I will make another page regarding this topic. But you can use permission plugins such as PEX, bPermissions or bukkit built-in permissions

    • profile image

      Ch 4 years ago

      how do I inplament ranks, plots, commands, ect. ?