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Minecraft Shelf Mod: How to Display Your Items in Minecraft

Updated on May 13, 2012
An example of the shelves that this mod allows you to build.
An example of the shelves that this mod allows you to build.

This shelf mod for Minecraft is very simple, and it allows you to display your items on shelves much as you would in real life. Shelves work similar to chests in that you place your items in them, but differ by actually being on display while in storage. This means that you can craft a large number of gold bars, or other shiny objects, and place them on shelves in your house to decorate your humble abode in a new and innovative way. The shelves themselves are 3 x 3 and allow you to display up to nine items in your home. Normal chests are boring, and after a while it can become tiresome to dig through a bunch of chests to find a certain item that you have stored somewhere. With shelves, you can place your most used or most valuable items on a shelf so that you know where they are at a glance.

This mod really doesn’t alter the gameplay of Minecraft at all, but many users have said that it should be implemented into the regular game. This makes sense, as shelves are a common household item and would work well in the world of Minecraft. Additionally, bookcases could be altered in future versions so that items besides books can be displayed on them as well. While there is no talk about this mod being implemented into the vanilla game, you can simply install this mod alongside other mods and texture packs and always play with the shelf mod on.

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