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Minecraft Skin Generator |How To Change Minecraft Skins

Updated on November 21, 2010

One of the very first customizations available for Minecraft, long before fancy texture packs and mods that allowed you to create maps of the world, was the ability to change the in game skin of your Minecrafter. For a time, people relied on the works of talented skinners, who made Minecraft skins in a wide variety of styles, from President Obama all the way to pseudo - creepers.

Now you can be the master or mistress of your own skinning destiny with a tool that allows you to design your own in game skin! Minecraft Amory is a skin generator for Minecraft, and it's the first generation of what promises to be a bright future, filled with innovative new skins.

The tool works like many RPG character generators, you can choose a 'Base' (base skin color,) which ranges from pleasantly pink, to creeperlicious green and everything in between. Okay, well not everything, but there is some Sponge Bob yellow and fabulous purple amongst other choices.

Next, you choose your face. I chose a pleasing green skull creation, but there are plenty of other to choose from, and as the tool gains popularity it seems a foregone conclusion that one day face choices will be more bountiful and numerous than stars in the sky.

Hair is your next choice, and I was heartened to see that a kind soul has already created a minecraft style replica of Link's cap and hair. (As in Link from the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask and the rest of the franchise that has burrowed into my brain like a parasite that just won't leave.)

Following your hair style session, you choose your clothing. There is a range of fine attire available, from snazzy suits to medieval outfits, togas to good 'ol boy checkered shirts and overalls. As with the other options, this will no doubt be expanded over time.

There is also an 'extras' tool that allows you to add things like helmets, t shirts and other additions. This works on a somewhat confusing layers system, which will become easy to use once you spend a little bit of time clicking the TNT button to destroy layers and using the arrows to layer styles as you see fit.

The revolution in Minecraft skinning has arrived, and though this may not be the most sophisticated tool ever to land on planet Minecraft, it is a fun tool that will almost certainly gain utility over time (unlike a diamond pickaxe, which will eventually be ground into dust.)

So how do you use your new Minecraft skin?

How To Change Minecraft Skins

Simply visit the official Minecraft siteĀ  (click 'preferences' if you manually arrive at the site, but using the link I posted will take you directly to the place where you can upload your skin file.)


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