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Minecraft Slime Finder Tool For Sticky Pistons | How To Find Slimes

Updated on July 5, 2011
Giant Slime art by Ludolik
Giant Slime art by Ludolik | Source

Some people like to make life difficult for themselves. Some people climb mountains freestyle without the benefits of a rope or common sense. (I'm kidding of course, I'm just jealous that I will never have the grace of a spider monkey and nerves of bedrock.) Some people like to sky dive. Some people like to translate the Bible into Kingon and some people like to play Minecraft without 'cheats' like INVedit.

If you're a strictly vanilla player, be prepared to gnash your teeth, because this tool dances the line between cheat and vanilla helper to such an extent that even I, an attorney at law (I'm not an attorney at law) can't tell whether it should be legal or not.

Sticky pistons require a slime ball to make, slime balls can be obtained by slaying slimes. But finding the slimes to slay for their sticky slime balls is not as easy as it seems. You see, slimes spawn rarely and they do so deep underground in places that are difficult to reach. Combine a relatively low spawn rate with the fact that they'll only spawn if you hold your nose just right and you're in for a frustrating time if you want to make a sticky piston.

This tool generates a map that shows you where slimes are likely to spawn. You still have to find them yourself of course, so it's not technically a cheat, it's more a hint. A very strong hint. What it does is map out the chunks (a chunk is a square of blocks 16 long by 16 long in the other direction) where slimes can spawn. Not every chunk in Minecraft is a slime spawning chunk you see, so you could potentially waste, hours, days even weeks mining in all the wrong areas, entirely unable to find the slimes you need to slay to create the slime balls you need to create the sticky pistons that will allow you to make secret entrances, hidden chests, lights that seem to turn on and off and many, many other delightful doodads that require one's pistons to be sticky.

The tool generates an out of game map, but it also includes an optional in game mod that can tell you whether or not a particular chunk is a slime chunk. It should be noted that playing on peaceful will ensure that no slimes spawn. You're going to have to get your tools dirty if you want those pistons without cheating to get them.

Download Super Slime Finding Technology


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