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Minecraft Spider Queen Mod

Updated on June 13, 2011

Ever wanted to lay eggs that will hatch baby spiders? I know I have, and I'm sure you have too. There's just something about the prospect of becoming mother to thousands that makes one feel good. With the Spider Queen Mod you play as (rather predictably) a Spider Queen. You gain several new exciting powers as the Spider Queen, which makes your hideous transformation somewhat worth it.

As the Spider Queen:

  • You can see in the dark. Torches are irrelevant for a creature like you. No matter how deep underground you go, it will always be bright enough to see.
  • You can spin silk (which you gain by feasting on pork chops and through other means) into webbing. Webbing acts as a ladder, as a bed and as a place for you to raise your young.
  • You can capture mobs by shooting webbing at them, turning them into cocooned prey.

Excited yet? You should be.

The Spider Bed

With logs and webbing, you can create a special spider bed. Unlike normal beds that turn night into day, the spider bed turns day into night or night into day (depending on when you sleep. Sleep during the day and wake up at night, sleep during the night and wake up at day break.) A spider bed is constructed by creating a 5 x 5 block frame of wooden logs and filling it with webbing until it looks like the picture above. The spidey bed not only protects you from the harsh light of day, but also from other predators.

Hunting As The Spider Queen

As the spider queen, you have no need of swords. You can simply shoot prey with your webbing and create a cocooned animal ready for feasting upon at your leisure. If you wish to reproduce, simply lay an egg next to a trapped and cocooned animal. Most mobs are vulnerable to your webbed charms, including creepers, who are no longer quite so dangerous now that you can trap them in your web.

Soon the egg will hatch and your young will burst forth, ready to feed on the offering you have secured for it. (At this point, spiders are starting to sound a lot like vampires.)

A freshly hatched juvenile spider.
A freshly hatched juvenile spider.

Obviously this mod isn't going to be any good to you at all if you're afraid of spiders, but if you're not afraid of spiders and if you're looking for an entirely new way to play Minecraft, this is definitely a mod worth downloading. I've covered the basics in this review, but there are a bunch more features, including five different spider types and the ability to control friendly spiders.

Other mobs included in this mod are bees, bee hives (complete with bee queen boss), wasps and ants. Some of these mobs are aggressive, others aren't. Best to equip a sword before doing battle with them though, they are mostly invulnerable to webbing.

Download the Spider Queen Minecraft Mod


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