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Minecraft: Story mode to buy or not to buy

Updated on April 27, 2017

Minecraft: Story mode


Minecraft Story mode has finally been released and so far it's pretty damn good, just keep in mind that Telltale games isn't really considered a game its more like a book where you interact with object in the world the story takes place, this isn't always a bad thing I sure as hell know it have given me a few laughs so far.


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Photo taken via bandicamWork it
Photo taken via bandicam
Photo taken via bandicam | Source
Work it
Work it

We definitively need to talk about gameplay, many gamers out there rely on gameplay how hard is the controls, does it play well or can I at least get a good challenge out of it, the fastest answer would be no to all the above.

Gameplay revolve around a few simple controls and the rest just quick time events, there is nothing hard about the controls and there is nothing hard about the button smashing in fact even this is so slow that you don't really have to rush it as some will just skip to the next cut scene with new buttons to press and something else to do, to do these other things I am talking about you have to normal point and click game and if you really and I mean really need to walk around then you can do so with the most used setup W for forward, S for back, D for right and A for left.

At some points where you actually need to fight you can use the mouse scroll wheel to select items from there its point and attack with some walking involved, check out the video and you will pretty much see what the entire episode consist of.

The Story

This is pretty much how you unveil the story
This is pretty much how you unveil the story | Source

The story so far after playing a few hours a released it is actually very good however do keep in mind that it can really go to any direction as this is only episode one, the story self is good, it's fun and hilarious at the same time, but like I said before this is really not for everyone, this is not Minecraft the way it should be, instead of digging for blocks you simply have quick time events again with button smashing and then a crafting table to make objects.

At some points the storytelling does get boring as of the lack of gameplay 70% at least will go into cut scenes and fast button smashing events.

The Graphics

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I felt the same way when i saw the graphicsThis is the graphics basically a drawing on a plane sheet with distance
I felt the same way when i saw the graphics
I felt the same way when i saw the graphics
This is the graphics basically a drawing on a plane sheet with distance
This is the graphics basically a drawing on a plane sheet with distance

The graphics are another thing that needs to be here, and truth be told it looks better then the Minecraft we are used to if you have a good resolution running and even then it still looks very messy.

I understand that they wanted to keep to the theme of using blocks, the color is blunt and lacks the brightness, the textures is horrible and lack them by far except for leaves and plants which also lacks detail.

Finally, the characters they look horrible yes maybe a little better than the actual Minecraft but overall it is really bad so bad it's hard to tell what character is boy or girl, only the names will indicate you and then finally the voice.

Overall the graphics are terrible period especially when you need to deal with quick time advents like running or some fighting.

The order of the no ones ever going to care stone
The order of the no ones ever going to care stone

My overall rating for Minecraft Storymode

3 stars for Minecraft: Story mode

Conclusion the game is bad but as a story it's good enough besides that's what Telltale games is great at, telling stories, if you are looking for a good story about Minecraft and what happened once upon a time in the Minecraft world then sure its worth buying episode one that isn't very long either a few hours and that's it you will then have to wait for the second one all the way to number five.

If you were looking for complex gameplay and adventure then this game is not for you, it lack all of these elements, of course, there is adventure but nothing complex, take a good book and pretend you're pushing a few buttons to interact with to reach the next paragraph of the story then that's pretty much Minecraft: Story mode

System requirements

Minimum requirements
Recommended requirements
Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz
Core i3-3240 3.4GHz
3 GB
4 GB
Graphics Card
GeForce GT 720
GeForce GT 640 v3
Hard Drive Space
3GB available space
3GB available space

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