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Minecraft TNT Mod Review

Updated on June 7, 2012

The Minecraft TNT Mod is a simple, yet very enjoyable mod that does not change or alter any core aspects of game play or appearance, but instead adds only five new items. These items are, of course, variations of TNT that you can use for various purposes. The five types of TNT that are added are the Firebomb, Miner TNT, Napalm, The ScatterBomb, and the Nuke.

The Firebomb functions quite similarly to regular TNT, except it sets everything around it on fire upon exploding instead of blowing up blocks.

Napalm bombs will spawn a pool of lava where they exploded: this will cause massive amounts of destruction as the lava eats through most building materials.

Miner TNT has an increased blast radius when compared to regular TNT, and will drop 100% of the blocks that are exploded instead of the usual 30% of blocks that regular TNT drops.

The ScatterBomb will break apart into multiple explosives, causing massive and immediate destruction.

Below you can find the recipes for all of the different types of bombs that you can craft with this mod.

The Nuke will simply obliterate a massive part of the map. By massive, I mean MASSIVE. Great for simply slaughtering enemies or for the complete and utter destruction of, well, anything.

While the installation of this mod is fairly straightforward, you can use the below video to see how to install the mod properly. Additionally, the Minecraft Mod Installation Guide can make installing any mod a breeze as well.

Installation Guide

Overall, I would give this mod 5/5, simply because of its utter simplicity and the ability to retain all of your other mods and texture packs while using this mod. I love the addition of new items, and would like to see other mods use this mod as an example, and introduce new materials, items, and weapons for players to use.

On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate the Minecraft TNT Mod?

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