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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: How to find Slime

Updated on September 3, 2012

The Impossible Task of Finding Slime!

Finding Slime is one of the tasks that I have found hardest in Minecraft. Finding Slime is really useful as you can make a Slime Farm and make sticky pistons, which can be used for tons of mechanical creations. I got really annoyed when my friend went mining after two hours on the world and found Slime. What annoyed me even more is that he cannot remember where it was and did not even make a farm around it so now he has about 10 sticky pistons when he should really have as many as he wants.

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How I found the Slime!

. But, after looking on the internet I found a website which shows where Slimes spawn in your world as they only spawn in something like 10% of your world on Xbox. After looking at one area which my base was near I instantly heard slimes then mined for a few minutes until I found the Slime. After this I made a large staircase and tunnel which led all the way to my base and after that I set about making my farm. It was basically a huge room with torches on the roof to prevent other mobs spawning at it and with a large glass bit at the beginning with single holes around it so when a Slime sensed me and moved towards me I would hit it through the hole and, when it and its separations died I would go through a door I had installed to collect my Slime. In the future I plan on making multiple farms which are linked together by rail underground. This will mean that I can go around 3 or 4 farms and, by the time I get back to the first hopefully more Slimes will have spawned.

The Website

How the Website Works

On this website you enter your Seed Number, which is on the screen after you click on the world and you choose the difficulty and whether it is Invite Only etc. Once this is done all of the green squares will be where Slime will spawn. If you hover over a green block then it will show you the coordinates for diagonal corners and, if you go down to bed rock then dig up 3 floors then create a huge square at least 3 floors high or look for a cavern with Slime in it already. I turn the music down to 0% and the sound up to 100% and turn my head set up fairly loud. Then, if I hear Slime, I did towards it. I would advise familiarising yourself with the sound of Slimes through videos on Youtube as this will help you to find Slimes’ location.

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