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Minecraft enchantment table crafting tutorial guide 1.8.1 - 1.8.3

Updated on March 4, 2015

Minecraft enchantment table crafting guide for 1.8.3

Making a Minecraft enchantment table isn't so bad actually, at least in creative mode. As for actually acquiring the materials, this item is an end game survival mode Miencraft item.

These enchanting tables are the only way in the game right now to get rid of the levels and experience players gain from mining, crafting, etc. in survival mode. With these enchantments players can get random bonuses on Minecraft tools, weapons, and armor. There are enchantments like "efficiency" I through V which make the tools work faster. There are also enchantments that give increased durability as well. The enchantments are random, but if players get the right ones, they're life altering.

Minecraft enchantment table crafting video tutorial 1.8.3

How to craft a Minecraft enchantment table in 1.8.3

These Minecraft enchanting tables only require a few materials to craft; however, they're end-game materials when playing on survival mode.

In order to craft a Minecraft enchantment table players need the following materials:

  • 3x sugar cane
  • 1x leather
  • 2x diamond
  • 4x obsidian block

The first two items on the list are required in order to make a "book" which is used with the obsidian and the diamonds in order to create the Minecraft enchant table.

The sugar cane can be found growing wildly near water. As for the leather, players need to kill cows until they drop leather, which is a fairly common drop from cows.

The diamonds and obsidian get more complicated. In order to get diamonds players first need to harvest 3 iron blocks, melt them down, and craft an iron pickaxe. One players have an iron pickaxe then they can use it to mine diamonds, otherwise it will take forever to mine them and they'll instead explode when harvested instead of having them go into the inventory.

One players find the 2 diamonds, which is the hardest part, then they also need an additional 3 diamonds in order to craft a diamond pickaxe. Unfortunately it required a diamond pickaxe in order to be able to harvest obsidian blocks.

Once the diamond pickaxe has been made and the obsidian blocks have been found (lava blocks turn to obsidian when they come into contact with water), players are then ready to go to the crafting table and craft the Minecraft enchantment table.

Minecraft enchantment table crafting pattern 1.8.3

In order to craft the enchantment table, players must craft the item at the crafting table using the pattern to the right. It's not very complicated of a pattern, but definitely hard to remember.

This is an end-game item for survival mode because of how obnoxiously difficult it is to acquire diamonds and obsidian.

Minecraft 1.8.3 bookshelf crafting

Upgrading the Minecraft enchanting table

It's possible to receive higher level enchantments from the enchantment table in Minecraft; however, they'll require more player levels per enchantment. The enchantment itself is completely random, but if players surround the enchantment table is with bookshelves, then they can really get some high level enchants going. The highest level enchant in the game is level 30, so therefore it's never worth players leveling past 30.

In order to make the 1.8.3 Minecraft bookshelf, players need the following materials:

  • 6x wood planks
  • 9x sugar cane
  • 3x leather

The leather and sugar cane are purely for use in making the 3 books required for the Minecraft bookshelf.

Luckily these materials aren't insanely rare, but getting the leather or sugar cane can prove to be troublesome, depending on the randomly generated 1.8.3 Minecraft seed.

The Minecraft world generator has some odd seeds it can give, and it can feel possible to go a whole world without seeing a specific item, but rest assured, almost every Minecraft world has one of everything, if not every Minecraft world.

Are Minecraft enchantment tables good?

Do you use Minecraft enchantment tables in your survival mode games?

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