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Minecraft mesa seed list 1.8.3 (videos & villages)

Updated on March 1, 2015

Minecraft mesa seed list 1.8.3

This Minecraft mesa seed list for 1.8.3 has five great Minecraft mesa seeds. Three of the seeds are Minecraft mesa village seeds coincidentally. Between all five mesa seeds there are plenty of Bryce's, Mesa mountains, mesa forests, and mesa plains.

Each Minecraft 1.8.3 mesa seed video has the description and seed number above the video. The videos are fast paced fly-overs of the general Minecraft mesa seeds. They're extremely valuable for gauging what the Minecraft mesa is going to be like.

Each video is around 2 to 5 minutes long and give a rough overview of the mesa and any Minecraft 1.8.3 mesa villages attached, if any.

Minecraft mesa seed #1: 5663121968706018999

This Minecraft mesa seed is extremely mountainous. This one really should just be called a Minecraft 1.8.3 mesa mountain seed instead. There are plenty of cool Minecraft mesa rivers that cut ravines through the mountains too.

This one's pretty neat, it also has a double crater, which is a crater inside of a crater, at x-390 z-750. It's a pretty cool mesa feature for this Minecraft mesa seed.

There are also so many trees on this Minecraft mesa forest seed for 1.8.3 that it makes this mesa almost as good as a forest biome.

Minecraft mesa seed video #1 - Tons of mesa trees and a double crater

Minecraft mesa village seed #2: 1789772741

The mesa in this Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed can be found at x-250 by z500. The village on the other hand can be found at x-750 z830. This is a cool Minecraft mesa seed in that it has a ton of trees also. Normally Mesa forests are extremely rare, but on this Minecraft mesa forest seed there are tons of forests on the mesa hilltops.

Unmentioned on the video, there's also a village and desert temple at x-300 by z300 or somewhere around there. The temple has 2 saddles, be careful of the explosives.

At a certain point of the mesa players can see an extreme hills biome. If they travel across this biome it will lead to the Minecraft mesa village. The video below walks through the place, it's hard to put words to a mesa, they just need to be seen to be appreciated.

Minecraft mesa village seed video #2 - Mesa mountains, village, and extreme hills

Minecraft mesa village seed #3: 6081953068023844306

At first players will find themselves in a Minecraft 1.8.3 jungle seed, but if they turn around and fly to -222x by 80z they'll end up at another Minecraft mesa seed. There's also a village on the outskirts of the mesa at x-275 z-350.

This village is a perfect village for horse taming in 1.8.3. There's a blacksmith at the village who has 3 diamonds and one saddle. It's a super quaint 1.8.3 village for any basic survivalist.

This is a pretty massive mesa and is a bit more mountainous than some, it's definitely a good Minecraft mesa plateau seed 1.8.3. This one doesn't have as many mesa forests as the Minecraft mesa seed videos above.

Minecraft mesa village seed video #3 - Perfect mesa horse taming village

Minecraft mesa seed #4: -1730756002943614327

This Minecraft mesa seed has plenty of cool features from mountains, to extreme hills, forests, swamps, and even more. There are plenty of Minecraft mesa forests on this 1.8.3 seed as well.

One interesting thing about this particular mesa seed is that players actually start in a Minecraft arctic seed in 1.8.3, but it's directly connected to a hot mesa seed zone. It's weird because that was supposed to be nearly impossible now.

Minecraft mesa seed video #4 - Spawn in arctic biome right next to mesa biome

Minecraft mesa village seed #5: -1251751086

This Minecraft mesa village seed for 1.8.3 has everything players want out of a mesa mixed into one. There's a village nearby to the outskirts of the mesa seed, and there's also a bryce region, Mesa forests, and Mesa mountains.

The Minecraft 1.8.3 mesa village can be found near x-300 by z300. The cool thing about this mesa village is that it has a Minecraft mesa desert temple built into the mesa village. This is a really cool Minecraft mesa seed for 1.8.3. Unfortunately the village doesn't have a blacksmith, but the desert temple really seems to make up for it.

Minecraft mesa village seed video #5 - Mesa village with desert temple built in

Minecraft mesa seed list summary

Mesa's are moderately rare in Minecraft 1.8.3. Sometimes mushroom biomes are more common even.

This Minecraft mesa seed list should get players started with a few good mesa seeds. If this doesn't quite do it, check out the links below for even more Minecraft seeds. To keep up with these pages follow on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

It doesn't have to end with mesa seeds, look at my other lists below to see if there are any other types of seeds to look through. There are villages, jungles, more mesa's and more.

Favorite Mesa?

Which mesa seed from the five above was your favorite mesa seed?

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