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Minecraft: How to make secret piston doors in Minecraft

Updated on April 14, 2012

The Introduction of Pistons

With the release of Minecraft Beta1.7.3 comes the official release of pistons (I say official as they were a mod before the beta.). With these pistons you can create a great deal of amazing creations such as partially moving buildings or maybe complex traps for enemy mobs. However the one single greatest thing that has come from the addition of this item is hidden doors. The best part about these doors are that they can be made out of most other blocks on the game, such as dirt, wool or stone.

However I am going to make my door out of bookcases, and create a library around them, just to add to that feeling of flicking a switch and discovering a hidden passageway. Now first things first, you are going to want to create the pistons and any other necessary items (levers, redstone torches, redstone repeaters etc.). By now you should be familiar with how to make the other items, so I am only going to show you how to make the pistons. Now there are two types of pistons currently available to make. They are: Normal Pistons, which push blocks, and Sticky Pistons, which attach to blocks and move them back and forth. For the door we are going to use Sticky Pistons. Look at the images to the right to find out how. We are going to need at least two, so bear that in mind as there is one particular part of the recipe that is hard to find, the slime balls (well at least they're hard for me to find).

After you have made your sticky you are going to want to place them. I would recommend finding a large flat area, or make a large flat area, preferably out of a block that isn't affected by gravity. When you have found your place set up your sticky pistons one on top of the other facing either to the left or the right. Then place your blocks on the second space away from the pistons, so that when the pistons are turned on they touch the blocks.

Then put one block behind the bottom piston, and place some redstone on it. Now wire it backwards so that the redstone goes into the pistons. Now hook up a lever, button or plate to the redstone and watch as the sticky pistons move forward and then take the blocks away.

Now to turn this into a doorway. Firstly turn the pistons on, and then build the same block adjacent to the blocks that are stuck to the pistons. Then build some more of that same block next to the wooden part of the pistons, so that when the pistons are turned off you can't see them. And that is basically it. Depending on your ability you could make these very simple like I have explained or very complex with the inclusion of logic gates to add that bit of confusion, especially if you play smp.

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    • danmad1 profile image

      danmad1 5 years ago

      Ill get right on it.

    • profile image

      Evilshadow6 5 years ago

      Could you post about making 2x2 piston doors

    • danmad1 profile image

      danmad1 6 years ago

      so you mean 1 block underwater, then you open up the pistons and there is a room underneath it?

    • profile image

      Solomon_Cain 6 years ago

      can you make a piston door under water that is 1 block deep so you can go down and out of it with a 2 block space so you can walk out of it into a secret room

    • profile image

      Ahewitt56 6 years ago from Great Britain

      this is awesome thanks a lot dan mad!!!