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Mini Kick scooter review

Updated on May 19, 2010

The mini kick scooter gives kids the freedom to let loose safely

Photo by Lars Plougmann
Photo by Lars Plougmann

Relax! It's safer than it looks!

As every parent knows it can be a high adrenaline rollercoaster ride when your little ones start moving about with the aid of wheels in one form or another. It's the parents who's hearts are lurching as their offspring hurtle away oblivious of the impending crashes and tumbles that seem all too likely to Mum and Dad.

It is great to see them rushing off, gaining confidence, skills and having fun. That doesn't stop you feeling nervous though, and if we're not careful our fears as parents can hold back our children as they go for it! So the thing to do is make sure we've done everything we can to give them what they need to grow and develop while minimising the risks as they do so.

Scooters just seem to be the way many kids prefer to get around nowadays, but despite their aparent simplicity a basic scooter can be seriously tricky for young kids just getting used to wheels and steering. A regular scooter with just the single front wheel poses a real challenge to the youngster just learning to handle wheels and a sharp turn all too easily locks up the scooter often resulting in a nasty crash. The ingenious design of the mini kick scooter and similar models with two wheels in front really makes riding them so much easier for young children; meaning they have more fun and develop their confidence and skills more quickly without the set backs of nasty crashes.

Not only do the two wheels aid stabilty but they also incorporate a clever steering mechanism which tilts the wheels in the direction the rider leans. Kids seem to find this steering much more intuitive when they first starting handling vehicles and this in turn helps them as they progress to bicycles.

If your three year old is ready for their first set of wheels I definitely recommend you try and get a mini kick scooter or similar, in the UK for instance the iScoot mini scooter is a good alternative. Then find yourself a nice quite smooth surfaced area for them to practice and pretty soon you'll be jogging to keep up!

Here's a mini kick scooter in action.


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