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Mini Man Me's Top 3 iPhone Games

Updated on May 13, 2012

My 3 Favourite Games just now on the iPhone are Football Manager 2012, Dungeon Hunter 3 and Batman: Lockdown. I will give these games ratings out of 10 and go into some detail about the games.

The First Game- Football Manager 2012

This is a sports simulation game in which you take control of a team somewhere in the world then try and win the league or cups and keep the board happy with you as a manager.

Different Statistics on How to Keep your Job as Manager


There are a few categories that you need to keep high so as to keep your job secure. These are Matches, Competitions, Finances, Transfers and Harmony. If you win a lot of matches then you will keep the Matches category high. Do well in cups and the league to keep the competitions sections high. To keep the finances section high then you need to make sure that you aren’t spending all your money on players’ wages. If you make one or two huge signings during the transfer season then the Transfers section will be very high. Finally, the Harmony section is the one I struggle most with. You need to make sure that all your players are getting games which means switching out your best players which I struggle to do now because I must still win matches.

I find this game very enjoyable and I often see myself wasting large periods of time on it at a time whilst hardly even noticing.


It gets a rating of 8/10 for me because the match system is good but I feel that the animations when people get a chance are often ridiculous with the keeper half way up the park and other annoying things like that.

The Second Game- Batman Arkham City: Lockdown

This is the game that I have been playing for the least amount of time out of these three but I have found it very fun. It is a 2D fighting game with levelling up so that you can improve your equipment.

What you Do in the Game

On the game you have to tackle a variety of missions in which you have to take down varying amounts of enemies haves but, to make it a challenge, you have to do it all on one health bar. I often find myself struggling on the last fight of a mission because I have used up so much of my health on the first couple of fights. You get WayneTech points which can be used on upgrades for your character and as the fights get harder these become a necessity.

The Combat System

I enjoy the combat in this because I feel that the 2D Combat system is very good and I enjoy lots of games with it but I do not feel that enough games are using it. On the iPhone it is hard to do action combat and I find that quite a lot of games do it quite disappointingly but this is a simple but effective system.


I would rate this game an 8.5/10 because I really like the combat system compared to many other games which try and be really action based and end up being almost embarrassingly bad. The graphics are not the greatest but, for an iPhone game, they are average.

The Final Game- Dungeon Hunter 3

Dungeon Hunter 3 is an action based RPG in which you choose one of four classes and have to level up that character and buy armour and weapons. There are lots of missions with varying enemies and ways to complete them and it has pulled of the 3D combat system quite well.

The In-Level Missions and Keys

For each level there are three missions and if you complete them all, using as many attempts as you want, you get extra gold and xp. Depending on how well you complete a level you get a rating up to an AAA. Depending on what rating you get will depend on how much will be in the chest at the end. This is an interesting concept because you need to use a key to open the chest and get the rewards but I could have been so much better if you didn’t regenerate keys very quickly. If you got a key every 12 hours or something like that then it would make you think if it was worth opening the chest because you might get more in the next level but would have wait a very long time before you got the key needed.

Daily Challenge

There is a Daily Challenge in this game. As suggested by the name there is one per day and it will give you a lot of gold and will give you some crystals, which is the games second currency. You can buy gold and crystals using real money but I do not feel as if it is necessary. If you save up the crystals and gold then you can easily buy anything that you need.

How to Save Gold

One of the ways I find effective to keep on top of my money is to upgrade your weapons and armour to max BEFORE buying the next tier of armour therefore you have armour that is getting gradually more effective for all pieces of armour rather than having to save up to get one piece of armour and then save up again for one other piece of armour and maxed out armour is actually better than the next tier of armour and they are much and such the same after the next tier has been upgraded once.


This game is very enjoyable and I find that I play it at least once a day to do the daily challenge. I would give this an 8/10 because some of the items are very expensive but my strategy does mean that this comes into effect less.

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