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Mo'Creatures Minecraft Mod | Attack of the Ogre

Updated on January 27, 2011
For more Minecraft mods and adventures, visit:
For more Minecraft mods and adventures, visit: | Source

Some of you might install Mo'Creatures because of the cute little foals and piglets and lambs. They're freakin' adorable. But I must warn you about the dark side of this mod, for there is indeed a very dark side.

I usually play on peaceful and toddle about the place building things. I'd recently installed the Farmcraft mod and was working on my animal pens and wheat farm. Things were going well. At night I'd pop out to slaughter a few creepers and I found that the roaming bears did an excellent job of transforming wild sheep into wool and raw mutton. (Although I did make the mistake of leaving grass inside my pet pig's pen and unfortunately a bear spawned and ate poor Umberto.)

Sounds fun so far, right?

It was a calm and quiet night and I had just collected eggs from my chickens and was pondering whether or not I might be able to hatch them or if I should just bake a cake to stave off inevitable death when I heard a booming sound outside my wooden house. I figured that a creeper must have gone off, perhaps I hadn't seen it when I was coming in.

A moment later though, the front left corner of the house was demolished completely. I stared in shock, still thinking that I'd been the victim of a creeper attack. Then the wall next to it was caved in, followed in very short order by the front door. I found myself staring into the cold dead eyes of an Ogre as he raised his terrible fists in yet another act of demolition.

I wish I could say I fought him off bravely. I wish I could say that I took refuge on the second floor of my house, which was above his destructive forces. However the attack was so unexpected, so throughly astonishing that I must admit that after firing the two arrows I had in my inventory and pausing to take a quick screenshot, I changed to peaceful mode.

When I went outside, I saw that the damage had not been limited to my home. The little farmlet I had worked so hard on out front was in disrepair. Most of my tame animals were still in their pen, but the fence had been knocked down. I was able to repair it hastily, but worse hit still was my wheat farm, which had been utterly smashed. The water which had once irrigated the small field now poured pointlessly away into a chasm in the ground, and the fences were almost entirely gone.

I had learned my lesson. No longer was it safe to build pretty wooden structures above ground where the ogres roamed, it was time to take my defenses to the next level.

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