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Moar Clothes, Minecraft Clothing Mod

Updated on October 17, 2011
This mod puts a pig on your minecraft shirt... just as the prophecy foretold.
This mod puts a pig on your minecraft shirt... just as the prophecy foretold.

There's plenty of armor to wear in Minecraft, but no stylish clothing. This mod 'Moar Clothes' changes that by adding new 'shirts' to the game. The shirts are crafted by creating a plain white wool top using the same crafting method you would to create chest armor. You can then create individual shirts by crafting that plain white shirt with items from the game. A pork chop placed in the grid with the white shirt creates a pink 'pig' shirt for you to wear. A piece of lapus lazuli creates a plain blue shirt, whilst a bone makes a skeleton shirt. There are twelve shirts in all, including the plain white shirt.

I'm stoked that this mod exists. Minecraft has been getting away from the idea of basic crafting and into traditional RPG territory with potions and enchantments and things of that nature that, in my humble and almost entirely worthless opinion, are so far removed from the original premise of the game that it's a little sad. Mods like this one, that enable you to customize your game and appearance are very much welcome in my book. Now all we need is a decent and updated furniture mod and things will be back on track!

Tyman, the modder that created this mod also made another mod that adds more armor to the game in the form of wood and cobblestone armor, these armors are much weaker than leather, iron and diamond armor, but they have the advantage of being easy to obtain, unlike other armors that can take a while to collect. It's never made much sense to me that leather armor, the weakest armor in the game, actually takes a fair bit longer than iron armor to get, especially in recent minecraft updates where its really hard to mine two blocks without coming into an iron deposit.

Be sure to show your support for this mod if you like it, because with just a little bit more development, we might one day see a mod that allows us to have a full wardrobe of minecraft clothing, including hats, gloves, shoes, and perhaps even capes seeing as there is already a capacity for capes in the code but it is pretty much only activated if the benevolence of Notch smiles upon you.

We all like to change our clothes, having the ability to do so in minecraft, especially in SMP would be great – if you wanted to have a battle between two factions, you could assign specific shirts to each faction. The possibilities are endless!

Download the Moar Clothes Minecraft Mod


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      PANCAKES 6 years ago

      Dudez! EPICNESS Nice But to bad im not a modder! Or ive just never downloaded mods like this onlt ones like too many items O_O