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Mob Wars on Facebook

Updated on September 24, 2009

What Is Mob Wars All About?

Many might not know Mob Wars, but it's actually a very good game provided as part of the Facebook network. It is being copied by another game - Mafia Wars - but I do prefer the original. Sharing this hub with you who read this should motivate you to also start playing this marvelous game.

First of all, the funny part about this game is that it is quite similar to the real world. The theme is criminal behaviour, but nonetheless many of the morals of the game can be relevant knowledge for people IRL.

  • In the beginning, making money SEEMS difficult. When you get the wheels turning, it becomes MUCH EASIER...
  • When you rise through the levels you get skill points. Make sure you allocate them correctly. Read more about strategies below.
  • Acquiring mob members depends upon building a name for yourself, and knowing the right shortcuts.

Welcome to the world of Mob Wars.

The Front Desk of Your Mob Wars Empire

This is the front desk of your Mob Wars Empire
This is the front desk of your Mob Wars Empire

Strategies in Mob Wars

When you begin to play Mob Wars everything seems a bit like a lot of options without any real order. There IS a system you can use to get ahead of the competition, but it's important that you pay attention so you can get the full benefits of these tricks.

Allocating Skill Points

When you reach new levels you get skill points. One very important thing to remember is that once you have built basic points in all skills, your main focus should be on Energy, Health and Defense skills.

Here's why these elements are important:

  • Focusing on Energy gives you the possibility of completing more jobs, thus getting more experience, thus reaching new levels, and achieving further skill points.
  • Focusing on Health gives you better health if and when you are attacked.
  • Focusing on Defense skills allows you to defend yourself better, and thus takes less away from your overall health.

Remember, that when you're offline, you're relying upon your skills to keep you alive within the Mob Wars game. If you don't focus well on that aspect you end up losing a lot of time without getting the right results.

Focusing on Properties and your Stockpile

You need to know that you need a stockpile of armor, weapons and vehicles that fit your mob. If you have 50 members, but only 30 weapons, 20 people end up having to use only their fists. On the other hand some items have a price for maintenance - so-called "upkeep" - which could ruin your business if you had 100 items costing you an upkeep, but only 50 members to use these items.

However, earning money requires an investment in properties. You begin with abandoned lots and villas you lease to get an income, but as you move along you unlock more cities, and you end up buying casinos, major hotels etc. All that is required is that you put your money into good use.

How to Save a Lot of Money In Mob Wars

  • Putting money into the bank costs you a 10% deposit fee. Nonetheless, healing your boss needs to be drawn on your bank. So you should have money in the bank, but don't overdo it.
  • Buying in sizes of 10, 25, 50 or 100 can save you money later in the game. The price of properties rise as you get more of them in stock. So buying 100 villas in one go is cheaper once you've progressed in the game.
  • Don't overdo the Hitlist placements. When someone annoys you, you have two choices; either you fight back (or place the person on the HItlist), or you can ignore the person. Once a person puts you on the Hitlist, you can decide to rig his ignition which will cause the other person to blow up whenever another mob boss places you on the Hitlist.

Eaning You a Lot of Money Per Hour

You need to drop all intentions about prestige. When you have two items where one is priced double of the other yet only delivers 30% higher income than the cheaper one, you can get twice the income by buying two items at a lower price yielding a higher percentage income.

Worth remembering if you want to reach new levels and move ahead within the Mob Wars game.

My Boss' Skills

My Boss' Skills. I reached level 167 with lots of jobs completed, many kills and 480.000.000/hour. Great fun. :-)
My Boss' Skills. I reached level 167 with lots of jobs completed, many kills and 480.000.000/hour. Great fun. :-)

Building a Good Empire

As you could read above, creating a good empire requires some good stewardship. Spending money wisely can build an empire in no time. Much as in real life those with talents for business can easily outrank these results in Mob Wars in no time. If I began all over using the tips I have given you in this hub, it could be done in half the time.

Building the right network requires that you use the Recruitment link. Both on your Facebook page, but also in the manner of searching on Facebook for Mob Wars fangroups. Writing a short message including "add me" can bring in a lot of friends to your mob.

Once you have mob members you have help. Don't overdo the adding at the beginning. As explained above you need weapons, armor and a vehicle for each member of your Mob Wars group.

Lots of Properties in Mob Wars

I now have more properties than could be fit into one screen... :-)
I now have more properties than could be fit into one screen... :-)

Build Your Mob Wars Empire

I hope to have motivated you to begin your own Mob Wars empire. Feel welcome to bring comments about your own impressions and experiences in the Mob Wars game on Facebook. If you need help give your link to add yourself within the comments, and I'm sure we can get you rollin'.

Go give some people some offers they could never refuse. ;-)

Welcome to Mob Wars.


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    • h_blunck profile image

      Henrik V Blunck 8 years ago from Kalundborg - Denmark

      Update: They have changed Mob Wars a bit since this was written. Previously you had to reach both a certain level and a certain income before you could move ahead to the next city. Today it has been changed so that you need twenty-five badges from the current city - five for each job. When you have accumulated 25 badges, you get the next city opened.

      Furthermore, one big benefit in Mob Wars - compared with Mafia Wars - is that you can spend your fortune in any city of your choice. You have the same bank account. In Mafia Wars you have separate bank accounts for New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok. Whether the last city will be keyed with New York is not known at this time.

      Zynga tries to get you to buy Godfather points, but if you follow the advice from this blog, you can reach levels without having to buy any extras.

      Have fun playing. :-)