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Mod Loader Minecraft Modding Tool | How To Mod Minecraft

Updated on March 27, 2011
Picture from Glimmar's Steampunk HD Minecraft texture pack. For more Minecraft modding tools, visit:
Picture from Glimmar's Steampunk HD Minecraft texture pack. For more Minecraft modding tools, visit: | Source

If you're getting into modding your Minecraft game, you've probably already heard a great deal about this 'Mod Loader' tool. Once you start looking at mods, it is mentioned pretty much every few sentences. But what is Mod Loader and why do you need to use it?

What is Mod Loader?

Though mods have been made for Minecraft pretty much since the day it was released in alpha, mod support hasn't always been so good. In the early days of modding, mods were pretty rough and ready and they very rarely worked with other mods. If you wanted to try out a new mod, you had to download a fresh minecraft.jar and start from the beginning.

Rigasumi's Mod Loader did what Mojang weren't yet prepared to do, it provided a standard for modders so that they could create mods that worked together. Mod Loader manages mods that add new blocks or other entities and recipes. When modders release a Mod Loader compatible mod, it means that players can often use that mod in conjunction with existing mods instead of having to start over from scratch.

How To Install Mod Loader

Using mod loader is simple. You unzip it, toss it into the minecraft.jar and then continue installing your mods as usual.

Will Mod Loader prevent mod conflicts?

In theory, yes. In practice you may still have issues with mods conflicting, especially if they use the same block ID's. Though Mod Loader is not perfect, it is a far sight better than what was on offer before Mod Loader, which was nothing at all.

Mod Loader v4 or Mod Loader v5

Which version of Mod Loader you should use largely depends on what mods you want to use. Older mods are usually compatible with Mod Loader v4, newer ones will probably work with v5. Mod Loader v5 will not work with v4 mods.

Ideally, modders would update their mods to work with thelatest version of Mod Loader, but lets face it, the Minecraft modding community is one that works on blood, sweat, tears and missed exam dates so there's a very real chance that the modder of the mod you want to use hasn't had time, or the inclination to do so. After all, it's difficult enough keeping mods updated with every beta release.

How many mods can I install with mod loader?

Long story short, as many as will work together. There's no official limit and it really depends on the mods you choose to install as to whether or not they will work together.

Do I have to use Mod Loader?

If a mod specifies that Mod Loader is required, then yes, you need to download and install Mod Loader before you install the mod. Most mods will specify whether v4 or v5 is necessary.

Download Mod Loader


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