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Model Train Resource: Videos of Great HO Scale Accessories for Your Model Railroad Layout

Updated on December 13, 2016
Faller Car System
Faller Car System | Source

© 2011 by Aurelio Locsin

Whether you HO model railroad layout is fully equipped and detailed or just starting out, you can still add a special spark to it with one of these commercial accessories. Some are quite affordable, and others are only for the well-heeled. But all are fun to watch in these online videos.

Miller Engineering Neon Signs

Using electroluminescent materials that do not generate heat, these neon signs from Miller Engineering are designed for HO but usable in many skills. All work from three AAA batteries, but you can buy a converter module and AC adapter, if you'd rather run these lighted beauties from a standard wall outlet. When you get to the website, click on Billboards in the menu so you can marvel at their large collection of vintage lighted billboards.

Viessmann Animated Figures

With this much animal and human action, it's easy to forget that these plastic people by Viesmann Models are in HO scale. Unfortunately, the company website is as likely to work or not work. Fortunately, Walthers carries the much of the product line.

Roller Coaster by Coaster Dynamix

Your fun fair would not be complete without this working model of a roller coaster by Coaster Dynamix. Because you can't scale gravity down, the scale cars move much faster than normal, but the complex structure is easy to put together with its snap-together, pre-colored plastic parts. The entire operation measures 12" x 28" x 7.75" and can work from your layout power pack.

Faller Car System

The Faller Car System uses stand-alone, independently powered vehicles that uses a magnetic armature to follow a guide wire buried under the road. Each vehicle contains rechargeable batteries and an ON/OFF slide switch. The system contains working traffic lights, turnouts and vehicles consisting of station wagons, city buses, tankers, emergency vehicles and semi-trucks. Most are based on European prototypes though a few follow American models.

Heljan Container Crane

This working Heljan Container Crane offers hours of operation all by itself and is compatible with DCC. The modular design allows several to function together. You can use any container in your collection by adding a metal adapter that can be picked up by the crane magnet. Working lights allow work during the night as well as the day. Reviews indicate that the device works flawlessly, which is what you would hope from something that costs $750.


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