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Modern Warfare 3 Guns: The MP7 Sub-Machine Gun Guide!

Updated on June 1, 2013

Modern Warfare 3 MP7.

The Modern Warfare 3 MP7 Sub-Machine Gun.
The Modern Warfare 3 MP7 Sub-Machine Gun. | Source

The MP7 Sub-Machine Gun is Your Friend!

Say hello to the MP7! Whist many Modern Warfare 3 players would consider this gun to be over-powered or over-used, the MP7 Sub-machine gun is your friend in MW3, and you should learn the best uses for it as well as other variables.

As you will know, the most important thing you must do when playing Modern Warfare 3, is to use weapons which both work and are comfortable to use. Otherwise, you will often find that your Kill/Death Ratio will plummet, leaving you at the bottom of the score-board...

Therefore, what gun in Modern Warfare 3, could be better assigned to the task of winning, than this beauty? She kicks in a lot of power, with a decent amount of fire-rate which will often leave your enemy stunned, or even too dazzled to even fire back!

So without further a-due... Let's get straight to the guide!

The MP7 Sub-Machine Gun Advantages.

The MP7 has a great Fire-Rate and Mobility rating. This can be often useful for doing a "Lone-wolf Operation" in which you will go about your enemies alone, and often on the other-side of the map from your team-mates. Even though the damage may look shocking on this gun, it seems evident that it doesn't matter, as you can still kill enemies within a short time frame when shooting at the torso.

Another factor about this gun, which is certainly god-sent, is that this gun is great for close range hip-firing. This means that there is no extra time lost in gun battles de to aiming down the sights, and you can aim quickly from one enemy to the other without having come out of your sights. This will certainly help you a lot when you find yourself in a situation, in which multiple enemies are flanking you at once or you need that extra second of shooting an enemy.

A final advantage this gun is often credited for, is the amazing 'minor to none' recoil this gun has when firing. This enables the user to have more control over the weapon when firing from a longer distance, and means you don't need to attach the "Kick" proficiency on it.

The MP7 Sub-Machine Gun Dis-Advantages.

Unfortunately, there is a sob story behind even piece of magic in this world, and this gun's main flaw is the range it has on it. However, this can be contradicted by using the 'Range' proficiency, and possibly deciding not to attach the silencer onto the gun. The Modern Warfare Gun system takes away range from your gun if you use a silencer with it, therefore by using it, this gun's range will be almost unusable... (In theory, but from experience you can still get some decent kill-streaks with the silencer, but I would highly recommend that you use the Range proficiency!)

Apart from that, this gun doesn't particularly have any flaws, which is inevitably why it is so commonly used!

The MP7's Best Class and Proficiencies.

The MP7 can be used with a wide range of varied class types, and still be a great gun to use when going 'Lone-Wolf.' One of my favourite classes to use with this gun, would be what I call the "M.O.A.B class." This class uses the Specialist Point-streak rewards, and is so easy and great to use, that you can sometimes get the M.O.A.B with it! (M.O.A.B = Mother Of All Bombs or Massive Ordnance Air Blast.)


  • Sleight of Hand Pro. (Reload quicker and swap guns faster.)
  • Quickdraw Pro. (Aim down sights quicker and recover from grenade usage faster.)
  • Steady Aim Pro. (Better hip-firing accuracy and faster aiming when sprinting.)


  • Focus. (Reduced flinch when hit by enemy bullets.)
  • Range. (Increase weapon usability distance.)
  • Attachments. (Use 2 attachments at the same time.)

Point streaks: (Specialist.)

  • Scavenger Pro. (Take ammunition from dead enemies.)
  • Assassin Pro. (Immune to UAVs, Thermal Scopes, Heartbeat Sensors and Portable Radars. Also makes you immune to Counter UAV and EMP. Plus enemies will not see red cross-hairs when aiming at you.)
  • Stalker Pro. (Increased speed of movement when aiming down sights and explosives delayed when triggered.)

Attachments for MP7:

  • Silencer and Rapid Fire. (Silent bullets and invisible on the mini-map. Also you have an increased rate of fire.)
  • Extended Magazines. (Extra rounds to each magazine you get with your gun. This is great to use with the Scavenger Pro perk!)
  • Red Dot Sight. (For some this makes aiming more accurately easier, as it shows a clear red dot when aiming down the sights.)

MP7 M.O.A.B YouTube Video.

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