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Modern Warfare 3: Strategies and Tips to Earn 10,000 Experience Per Game!

Updated on June 9, 2012


This Hub will cover the many Modern Warfare 3 strategies and tips that you can apply to your game-play, which will easily enable you to earn at least 10,000 experience points per game. Remember that these tips will not work unless you actually put ALL of them into action, and if you are using guns and kill-streaks that you are most comfortable with. Unless you feel that you've over-used the guns you're playing with of course...

All credit for this photo goes to Spetsnats.
All credit for this photo goes to Spetsnats. | Source

Modern Warfare 3: Strategies for high experience.

There are many unique strategies that people use in Modern Warfare 3, due to the fact there is so much variety in guns, perks, kill-streaks and more! However, there are only certain strategies which will highly benefit you to gaining the highest amount of experience per game and simultaneously being able to enjoy yourself! Something to remember is that you will not do better in a game if you don't enjoy it, so don't play when you feel frustrated or angry at the game. Especially, when there are people in the game who are purposefully trying to make other players more aggravated!

Modern Warfare 3 Strategy: Use Your Favourite Guns!

No matter how over-powered or unfair people make out guns to be, if you enjoy using a particular weapon more than others, it is crucial that you use it! This is because you are more likely to both do better and have more fun using a weapon you like, rather than using a weapon you absolutely hate. Therefore even if the enemy team is raging at you to use some different weapons or kill-streaks, don't listen to them as you're the one who'll be getting the most experience points in the end!

Also if you decide to use the modern Warfare 3 guns which you work best with, you will find it easier to rank up that gun as well. Most people who use guns they're not so good at playing with, end up not being able to rank up fast, as they cannot use the numerous attachments available for it.


Modern Warfare 3 Strategy: Complete all the Weapon Challenges!

Modern Warfare 3 has brought onto the table a vast selection of challenges and achievements for each and every gun, so that when you use a certain gun a lot, you receive a very handsome lump of experience to go with it. For instance, when you use a gun to kill more than 500 people, you get a huge 10,000 experience boost, as well as a fancy looking title to impress your friends with.

My advice would be to only use guns to achieve the 500 kills achievement, before progressing to the next weapon of your choice. By completing all of these challenges for your guns, perks, kill-steaks and more, you will find that you will rank up in modern Warfare 3 like a bullet! Just remember that you will be using these guns quite a lot when ranking them up, therefore it's strongly advised to only use the guns that you like to use. Never try to rank up guns you're useless with, unless you don't mind experiencing hours of frustration.

Modern Warfare 3 Strategy: Use the Specialist Kill-streak.

There are 2 main differences between the specialist strike-package, and the Assault and Support strike-packages. The most important difference is that you will inevitably earn more experience with the Specialist strike-package, but the other factor is that the specialist strike-package will only benefit you... So if you consider yourself to be a 'team player' in Modern Warfare 3, this might not be the strike-package for you. But instead of the specialist strike-package, you can use the Support strike-package which will earn you a lot of experience as well! Make sure to only use the Ballistic vests, Recon drone and Escort Airdrop when using the Support package, as the other kill-streak will not benefit you in gaining experience!

Back to the Specialist package... A key point that you must take into consideration when using the Specialist package, is that you will want to always have Hardline as your second perk. Therefore once you get your first kill you already have an extra park added to your Modern Warfare 3 solider. Also this will help you immensely when levelling up, as every time you gain an extra perk, you gain an experience bonus and a challenge bonus if you complete one! You can already see how the Specialist Strike-package is almost essential to anyone looking to level up quickly!

The Specialist strike-package also allows you to use ALL of your perks once you hit an 8 kill-streak. (7 with the Hardline perk.)

A Great Modern Warfare 3 Video Using Specialist Streaks!

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