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ModernCraft, A Modern Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x16)

Updated on January 17, 2011
For more Minecraft texture packs, mods and more, visit:
For more Minecraft texture packs, mods and more, visit: | Source

Minecraft is a game primarily based around the idea that humans will go into any pristine wildnerness and start building car parks. It is a game that thoroughly embraces the creative human spirit, as well as its destructive tendencies too.

The problem with many Minecraft texture packs, and indeed, the default Minecraft textures is the fact that they rather trap the player into building sometime in the Middle Ages. There's cobblestone and treasure chests and wooden torches and all in all one could be forgiven for thinking that this game was developed in 1610, not 2010.

ModernCraft is a texture pack that updates Minecraft to modern times. It's a nice, sleek texture pack that really transforms the game entirely. No longer does the player find themselves wandering through an untamed wilderness, no, instead one finds that the lawns are neatly mowed, that mining stone creates cinderblock, not cobblestone and 'red stone' has become a much more conductive copper wire.

The changes go on from there, with each one being more wondrous than the last.

Lightstone (or glowstone, if you're using the correct terminology) has been transformed into a white glowing block rather reminiscent of those glowing in ground lights you'll see in popular outdoor malls. Words cannot begin to describe how much I love these. The creator of ModernCraft has a better descriptive term for them still, 'Flourescents.'

I love this... love... love...
I love this... love... love...

I also really like what ModernCraft has done with storage chests. Who uses storage chests anymore? Moderncraft transforms all your storage chests into cardboard cartons with 'FRAGILE' stamped across them.

Torches have also seen a face lift and now look much more like modern light fittings, and paintings, which were always a little odd, have been replaced with road signs, exit signs and other notices befitting the modern world.

Other changes have made block types that were pretty much useless and annoying quite interesting. Soul Sand, for instance, that silly sand that only served to make you walk slower, has now been reskinned to a dapper yellow and black 'Caution' block.

Wooden ladders are now made of steel, and can apparently hold your mother, which is nice, if she comes to visit your Minecraft world.

Glass doors replace the clunky wooden doors that made every Minecraft building, no matter how large or impressive look like a run down shanty.

ModernCraft is pretty much a must have texture pack that has been faithfully updated to suit Beta 1.2, so there's really no reason why you shouldn't download it and install it immediately.

Download ModernCraft


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