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Windwalker Monk PvP 7.0.3 Legion Pre-patch

Updated on August 28, 2016

WW Stat Priority

Windwalker primarily rely on Versatility, Haste and Mastery.

  1. Versatility
  2. Haste
  3. Mastery = Crit

With 7.0.3 Pre-patch and beyond. Principles of War has made it to where all stats are based on item level. But as a reference to what gear you should need if you'd like to World PvP or such then here you go.

Windwalker PvP Spec

7.0.3 Windwalker PvP Spec
7.0.3 Windwalker PvP Spec | Source

Windwalker Abilities and Rotation

Basically Windwalker is an easy spec to play with a ton of mobility, damage, and healing.

Basic Rotation:

  • Jab to generate Chi
  • Fists of Fury
  • Rising Sun Kick
  • Whirling Dragon Punch
  • Blackout Kick

*Note: In order to use Whirling Dragon Punch Rising Sun Kick, and Fists of Fury must be on cooldown.

Major Cooldowns:

  • Energizing Elixir
  • Touch of Karma
  • Touch of Death(Now a damage over time ability)


  • Healing Elixirs
  • Effuse
  • Chi Burst (Can be interrupted)

Damage Reduction: Use Touch of Karma to spoil your opponents cooldowns and mitigate damage.

Crowd Control (CC): Paralysis (Broken by damage) and Leg Sweep (5 second stun)

Slowing the target: Use Disable, and Flying Serpent Kick.

Remove Slows on you: Use Tiger's Lust as priority, Roll and Flying Serpent Kick can help distance yourself as well.

Interrupts: Spear Hand Strike


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