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Monopoly Game with an ATM Card

Updated on April 25, 2008

Do you remember yourself with a handful of dollars buying and trading land beating the hell of the kids from primary school. If you don't you should go and buy yourself a monopoly game. (Unless you are Donald Trump or anybody with handful of dollars beating the hell of people:)

Monopoly Game has a history going till early 1900's and it is the most played board game ever. The game is a simulation of cruel capitalist world outside and can be criticized for encouraging people to have bad aspects. (Like being a cruel capitalist) I think that the game is a perfect preparation for real "dog eat dog" world outside. You have to trick your little sister for buying a land lower then real value. Go for it. Don't be sorry for your little sister who is crying that's unfair. The world is worse. She will be playing the game with people who have too many "Get out of Jail Free" cards hidden in their pockets, having thousand times of money at the beginning of the game, no lands left to buy and whole world playing against her.

Okay, I am losing myself.. What I would like to tell was this new Monopoly game that can be played with ATM cards instead of money. At last a great solution to the bank mass in the game. No more "hey that was my money", "you stole money from bank", "I will burn all those money if I lose" fights. I will buy one of those and smash some primary school kids.


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    • profile image

      lalalalalalallalallalallalalla 6 years ago

      its not fun but fun

    • profile image

      Monopoly PC Game Fan 8 years ago

      Very funny!