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Monster High Wydowna Webarella Spider Doll - San Diego Comic Con 2013

Updated on May 20, 2013

Meet Wydowna, Daughter of Arachne

It's funny how I am looking forward to this doll as I have extreme arachnophobia. Well this is one spider I do love and who knows it might be the first step towards overcoming my fear.

I didn't expect they will be releasing Wydowna as a DSCC exclusive as it was presented in 2011 along with Scarah Screams and people voted which should be the SDCC exclusive doll for 2012 (I am sure you know but to be on the safe side Scarah won). I thought this was the end of Wydowna but it seems the year 2013 is her year. So let's welcome her to the Monster High family.


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Why is Wydowna so special?

Well the fact that she is limited edition doll does add to it, but putting that aside she is the first Monster High doll with 3 pairs of hands! 3! You know how much accessories you will be able to put on them? A lot.

I still don't know if I will be putting matching accessories on all the hands or just accessorieze them each with their own style as I think it would look great.

I really liked her cowboy boots, I admit I never gave too much thought to what boots would a spider wear but seeing Wydowna in cowboy boots it occurred to me that these are perfect for spiders, well if spiders would wear shoes. I was thrilled when I saw the actual booths though I think they surpass the cowboy ones!

But why only mention the boots when her whole look is awesome. And the fact you get another set of clothes? Awesomeness continues.

I am not all that keen on the extra set of painted eyes but that's just my opinion.

One thin is for certain though, if she is A Black Widow spider monster the boys at Monster High should be smart enough to stay away from her.


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