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Monster MMORPG Guide: Getting Started

Updated on April 21, 2012

What is Monster MMORPG?

Most of the world is familiar with the Pokémon game series. Monster MMORPG is a game that takes inspiration from the "gotta catch 'em all!" theme of Pokémon. Set in its own universe, Monster MMORPG has hundreds of monsters to catch, train, and battle. As a warning, the game does not appear to be written by someone who is particularly proficient in English. This doesn't come up as an issue very often, as it is mostly image based, but the language used has a tendency to come across as ever-so-slightly bizarre.

Anyone familiar with Pokémon will have a basic understanding of how this game works. Head over to and click register to start your journey today!

Choosing Your Starter

When you register, you will be presented with 13 different options for your starter monster. So, how do you choose? Here's a few things to consider:

  • All of the starter monsters have a base stat total of 300, meaning they all have their own advantages and disadvantages
  • Each monster will evolve at level 25 and again at level 50
  • Upon its first evolution, every starter monster will gain a secondary type -- keep this in mind, as you will likely want to build a team with a variety of monster types
  • Larvitle is by far the most popular of the starter monsters -- if you want the most popular option, go with him; if you like being unique, he may not be the way to go

Starting Your Journey

At any time, you can check the region you are in and get some basic information by clicking on the map button -- it is located on the far left of the bottom row of options underneath your gameplay screen. If you click on the map, you will find that you have begun your journey in the Central Plains region, populated by monsters with an average level of 5. There are 8 different monsters that you can catch by walking through the grass in this region, so let's start there! After all, you have space for six monsters on your team, and it's always nice to have a backup monster, and half the fun of a game like this is collecting the monsters!

But wait -- which monster do you want for your team? Let's go back to the map page with the list of monsters. Monsters come in classes -- regular, superior, emissary, zenith, and legendary. Starter monsters are their own class. Superior monsters are, generally speaking, better than regular monsters; emissary monsters better than superior, etc.

So, who might make a worthy team member here in Central Plains? Ruffial is the only superior monster available. If your starter monster is not fire or ghost, he could certainly make a nice addition to the team. Don't fret if you don't think a Ruffial will make a solid addition -- there's plenty of exploring to do, you're only in your first zone!

Catching a Monster

So, you've begun your journey and have run across your first monster. Maybe you think he (or she) will make a great addition to the team. Or maybe you just want to capture one of everything. How do you do it?

First, choose the "battle" option. Just like Pokémon are easier to capture when weakened, so too are monsters. Attack the monster until he has been weakened.

Next, you will need to use a MonsterBox. Everyone starts their journey with ten monster boxes, so let's use one of them now! Underneath your options for attacks is a drop-down menu that says "Select MonsterBox" -- select your Monster Box and then click "Throw Monster Box!"

Congratulations! You've caught another monster! You're well on your way to climbing the ranks in MonsterMMORPG. Keep exploring, battling monsters for experience, and catching new monsters!


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