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Monster Match Guide: Tips, Hints and Strategies

Updated on September 7, 2013
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Those who have played Puzzle and Dragons will immediately recognize Monster Match’s “match gems to defeat monsters” gameplay mechanic. What really makes Mobage’s extremely addicting puzzle title stand out is the matching system. Instead of swapping gems, players will have to drag their fingers over adjacent gems of the same color. There’s no set rule or pattern for matching. Players can match gems in any direction, be it horizontally, vertically, backwards, zigzag pattern or in any shape, provided that the gems are closest to one another.

There are plenty of fun surprises besides a massive list of collectible monsters. You can also create special gems, which will help you achieve bigger combos to inflict massive damage to enemy monsters. The game is as easy as any other gem-matching title and even has a helpful tutorial system that will explain important gameplay aspects. To know how to achieve insane combos, destroy hard-to-defeat monsters and get special gems in Monster Match, follow these tips and hints:

Making Big Matches
Making Big Matches

Tips and Tricks

  • Look for bigger matches. Matching more than 3 gems will not only create special gems, but also get you more combos. After making a big match, more gems will fall; making room for additional combos. This will in turn inflict max damage to enemies.
  • You can also match 2 gems, but matching 4, 5 or 6 gems will create a special gem, which can be of immense use to defeat boss monsters.
  • Enemy monsters attack when they reach the square grid’s front line. Attacks deplete a friendly monster’s health, which can be healed by matching heart-shaped gems.
  • There are chances of capturing a random monster while battling enemies. The defeated and captured monster gets trapped inside a box. You will find this trap box just above the puzzle board. You also have a chance to capture the boss monster once you defeat it. After completing a stage, you can permanently keep captured monsters in your collection and add them to your team.
  • You don’t need to save heart-shaped gems to refill health. If you find too many of such gems on the game board, get rid of them so to make way for other gems.
  • Take advantage of special skills of each monster. Each creature has a gauge that needs to fill up completely before a special ability can be used. You can see the gauge beside each monster portrait just below the puzzle board. Once the gauge is full, the portrait jumps, giving a sign that the special ability is ready to use.
  • There are different types of special skills – Some heal your team members, bestow combo attacks, add a special gem to the puzzle board or randomly change the board. There are plenty more to be discovered once you find more monsters.

Defeating Boss - Elemental Affiliation is the Key
Defeating Boss - Elemental Affiliation is the Key

How to Win Battles: Hints and Strategies

Each monster has an elemental affinity, which is color-coded for easy identification. Basically, there are 5 elements – Earth (Green Pentagon), Fire (Red Triangle), Water (Blue Square), Light (Yellow Circle) and Shadow (Violet Rhombus). You will notice them in the form of gems on the puzzle board. These color-coded elements play a key part in battle.

A monster’s strength and weakness is based on its elemental affinity. A cutesy critter dominated by the Earth element can inflict more damage to a monster belonging to the Water element, but can be weaker than the Fire element. This table will easily explain elemental affinities and their strengths/weaknesses:

Stronger Than
Weaker Than
Creating Teams
Creating Teams

During gem-matching combat, you will come across different types of enemies belonging to various elements. So make sure your team consists of different types of elemental monsters.

An effective team composition is important to win battles. Try adding monsters having different elemental affinities (Earth, Fire, Water etc.) to your team(s). You can form more than one team and choose any one team before battle.

You can create a maximum of 5 teams. To create a team, tap on the Monsters button in the home screen, select a tab (Team 2, Team 3 etc.), click on the empty card slot and choose a monster.

Sorting Out Monsters
Sorting Out Monsters

When choosing monsters for your team, you can easily sort them by their HP, rarity, attack rate and restore. This will make it easier for you to select the best ones for your new team. You can also sort them by the affinities they belong to. Click on the color code (Blue, Green, Yellow etc.) to view monsters belonging to a particular color/affinity and click on a monster to add to the empty slot. Creating a mix bag of monsters really help you to defeat enemy monsters.

To wreak maximum damage, match gems that have the same elemental color code of your team’s monster. For example, matching Fire gems (Red gems) will provoke Fire element monsters to inflict double damage to Earth element enemies on the battle screen. Using this strategy during boss battles instantly kills the boss monster.

Spot the Special Gem
Spot the Special Gem

How to Create Special Gems

In Monster Match, special gems can be very useful to achieve huge combos. There are three types of special gems. Here’s how you can create and strategically use them to get maximum combos:

BoomGem: This glowing orb can be created by matching 4 like-colored gems. You can then match the Boomgem with a similar-colored normal gem to destroy 9 surrounding gems.

SparkGem: Create a Spark gem by matching 5 gems of the same color. The SparkGem takes a shiny sparkly avatar of the gems matched and needs to be matched with a like-colored gem to remove all gems in a row.

ZapGem: You can create a Zap gem by matching 6 like-colored gems. This special gem can then be matched with any gem and all gems of the same color will be zapped from the puzzle board.


Additional Tips and Tricks

To evolve a monster into a more powerful creature, make sure you have enough coins and monsters. You will need to have two or more monsters of the same type to begin the evolution process. Tap on the Monsters button > Evolve. Tap on the monster in your team and combine with the spare monster to evolve into a 2-3 star powerful monster.

Boosting helps in gaining XP boost. You will need to select a primary monster in your team and can select up to 5 additional creatures to get an additional XP boost. Make sure you click on the empty slot first and then select creatures you would like to combine with the primary monster. Potential XP points earned after the boost will show up while selecting non-team members. Additional XP gain will help in leveling up the primary monster.

Warning: You won’t get back creatures used in evolution and boosting process, so be careful before using them.

All in-game screenshots captured by the author, courtesy Mobage.


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