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Monsters of the Original Resident Evil Trilogy

Updated on August 22, 2015


These are all the enemies you will encounter in the original Resident Evil trilogy(Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis). This does not have enemies from the remakes or any other games, though there will be something similar for those in the future.


Zombies are the main creature found throughout the series. Jill or Chris first encounter one, in an iconic scene, just outside of the dining hall in the first Resident Evil game. They are relatively weak compared to other monsters, what they lack in power they make up for in number. Encountering a group is deadly, unless you can bait and dodge without getting chomped on. Difficult to achieve at first but practice and you'll be dodging like a boss.

Zombies are corpses reanimated from the t-Virus. Most are slow except for the deadly crimson heads who are faster and stronger than their regular counterpart.

Hunter Series

Hunters first appeared in Resident Evil and again in Resident Evil 3. First encountered after exiting the mansion for the first time and returning, one hunter is smart enough to open the door and follow.

One of the biggest threats in the game as they can jump and slice off your head or simply eat you whole without needing to get you into Danger health status first.

Hunters resemble upright walking frogs with a wide open mouth to swallow it's prey.

Cerberus and Zombie Dogs

Zombie dogs are often mistakenly referred to as Cerberus, when they are both very different. Cerberus are dogs that were intentionally infected to become bioweapons while zombie dogs are created by accidental, secondary infection.

Both types have necrosis as an effect from the virus except zombie dogs have a more severe case, with muscle, tendons and even bone showing. Regardless of their necrosis, they are quick, often leaping in to bite their prey before circling around and going in for another bite.

Cerberus is found only in Resident Evil whereas Zombie dogs are found in Resident Evil 2 and 3.

First appearance of the licker before the infamous ceiling scene.
First appearance of the licker before the infamous ceiling scene.


Lickers are found only in Resident Evil 2 and, much like Hunters, are considered very dangerous. Lickers are able to slice off the protagonists head, making for a swift end.

They appear somewhat humanoid in body structure though they walk upon all fours. Their brain is permanently exposed and have no eyes. Aside from their long claws, their other significant feature is their long tongue. Their body appears to have no skin, simply being a mass of exposed muscle.

Lickers are quick, able to chase you around and swipe at your legs. In addition, they are also able to grab at the walls and ceiling without too much issue - probably by digging their claws in. Their first appearance in Resident Evil 2 is actually in the room before the hallway of the infamous Licker on the ceiling. If you look close at the window in that room, you will see the Licker moving by.

There is actually two types of Licker. The original model, which can also be from a crimson head mutating into a licker, as well as another model found in the Umbrella Labs. It's similar to it's original counterpart but with green flesh, one large claw on each front foot.

Jill VS Drain Deimos
Jill VS Drain Deimos

Drain Deimos

Drain Deimos are another creature that was accidentally infected. In this case, it was fleas feasting on infected blood which then caused them to increase both in size and strength. Their preferred method of feasting is to use their jaws and close around the skull of the victim to extract the cerebra-spinal fluid.

In addition to being able to leap around and in great distances due to its flea nature, Drain Deimos are also able to scale walls and can easily leap off those walls to corner their prey. They can attack by slashing with their claws or biting.

Drain Deimos only appears in Resident Evil 3.

Original Tyrant

While there are more than one tyrant in the trilogy, there is only one original tyrant. This model, T-002 was developed in the underground labs beneath the mansion. Their creation and developed was to be served as super soldiers for Umbrella, though their unpredictability and lack of loyalty meant they could not afford to be used in such a manner.

One was released by Albert Wesker to kill Jill, Chris and the only few remaining S.T.A.R.S members. After apparently killing Wesker, it went after the survivors before being temporarily defeated. It's final destruction came from being hit with a rocket from a rocket launcher which blew the tyrant into pieces.

This tyrant is seen and fought only in Resident Evil.


The T-103 was a mass produced set of tyrants, first sent into Raccoon City to obtain the precious G-Virus(few were sent into Raccoon City, the others were sent to help Umbrella soldiers). The T-103 was successful in a way the original tyrant wasn't - these models would listen and be able to carry out orders,

Another way this creature was successful is the fact it still looks human. A very tall human but human nonetheless. Lethal, effective and able to carry out orders meant these were mass-produced and used as bases for future model types. One being the infamous Nemesis T-Type.

Perhaps the most important feature of the T-103 is the large coat the model wears. This is a Power Limiter, designed by Umbrella to prevent any out of control mutations, and thus ruin their 'perfect' bioweapon. Once they lose the coat, they are subjected to mutations upon acquiring enough damage. Once they mutate, they lose all orders and revert to a berserker state, attacking and killing everyone in sight.

This version was seen in Resident Evil 2, dropped in a container from a helicopter right into the Raccoon City Police Department. There is a bit of a cameo of a T-103 in the final area where you fight Nemesis for the last time.


The Nemesis T-Type, the bioweapon known for chasing Jill around throughout Raccoon City. Their base model is a T-103 but with an NE-a parasite to create the Nemesis. Much more intelligent then it's base model and much more dangerous, the Nemesis was sent in to the city to kill off any and all remaining S.T.A.R.S survivors.

Much like the T-103, the Nemesis also has a power limiter coat. Unlike the T-103, it cannot be mistaken for being human due to exposed tentacles on it's neck and upper arm as well as exposed muscle, no lips and one very white eye.

This creature would continuously chase Jill so it could fulfill it's mission. Even when it mutates, becoming nothing more than a quivering mass of goop, it still tries to complete its mission.

Nemesis is only found in Resident Evil 3.


Two plant creatures were found in the series. Plant 42 which was a plant directly infected with the virus and found in Resident Evil and Plant 43, ivy plants that were found in Resident Evil 2. Unlike Plant 42, which was stuck in one place, Plant 43 was able to move along, not being restricted to one area.

Like it's predecessor though, both are able to smack those that got close to it with their vines.

In Resident Evil 2, you are able to turn on anti-B.O.W gas. This is not recommended as it does not kill the plant creatures but allows them to mutate, becoming stronger. In addition, the acid they spit has now become poisonous.


Gravedigger is found in Resident Evil 3 and the sole reason for several earthquake like events. The Gravedigger is millipedes infected with the virus, mutating to become the large, deadly giant worm creatures. The 'earthquakes' are caused by the gravedigger tunneling beneath the city.

Gravediggers could lay eggs in clutches of up to one hundred eggs. Upon hatching, these creatures were known as sliding worms and could mutate into gravediggers after a week.

Their creation was not on purpose and was a result of accidental infection when the virus was leaked into the soil at the P-12A incinerator facility.


Yawn is encountered twice in Resident Evil. A large snake based bio-weapon, it was named Yawn as it looked like it was yawning before it would attack it's prey.

This creature has several deadly features, it's speed, size and strength as well as the fact it retains venom in its fangs.


Neptune is a bioweapon made from a Great White Shark infected with the t-Virus to see the effects on sea creatures. These bioweapons didn't really get much of a chance at actual field testing, their tanks destroyed and the lower level of the labs flooded due to one of the scientists going mad.

When the water was all drained away, the Neptune and her babies would die due to no air and lack of mutations to survive out of the water. Neptune is found in Resident Evil.


Birkin was not created for fighting. In fact, Birkin was actually a man before becoming this monster. William Birkin was the creator of the G-Virus and after Umbrella soldiers stormed in to steal his life's work and shot him, William injected himself with a vial of his own virus.

He would mutate and follow the soldiers before killing them in the sewers. Only one would survive this attack, Hunk before the creature would head into the police station to looking for a host to propagate his species. He was able to plant embryos in a couple of survivors in the prison but they would be destroyed soon after hatching.

Birkin would mutate several times, each time chasing the protagonists and culminating into boss battles. His final form, a gloopy mass with thousands of sharp needle teeth, was fought for the last time upon the train as it left the underground lab. It would die completely when the train's self destruct activated.

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