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Moonlight Dating Sim cheats

Updated on May 16, 2010

There is only one cheat for this flash game. Moonlight Dating Sim's hidden cheat code is witchling. Typing it will give Jenna Moonlight the vampire girl a bonus 1000 health and 1000 money. But it's not quite as good as it sounds. This extra hp doesn't count if you're trying to kill the vampires! I wasn't able to find a way to kill them easily before I gave up with the game.

You can use this code to get all the endings quickly once you know what to do. Need help with secret presents? Try to think of what that character might like. Most are pretty easy! The prices tend to be based on how "difficult" that person is... the black rose doesn't go to the blood prince.

Once you're done with cheating in Moonlight Dating Sim, play out one of the other great games like it online! There's dating sims, rpgs, all kinds of stuff. However, I wouldn't suggest trying a MMO. Those are really addicting, dangerously so. I'll be happy to write about some others. Send me a message on hubpages if you have any recommendations!


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