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More Tips on Building, Designing Your Birdhouse

Updated on June 8, 2020
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Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

After My First Do-it-Yourself Hub

on using those shortcuts in building your birdhouses faster and easier, it hit me. Why not publish a hub about adding to the exterior of your birdhouses and not have to spend a fortune in this project.

Factually-speaking, all birdhouse owners and fans, just love how their birdhouses look, especially when they are ready for sale either in an open public area or at an in-home facility. The work can be tough if you do not know the tips of how to make your birdhouse look great just by using these tips or just one of them.


Take a Good Look at The Birdhouse Above:

and you can save yourself a lot of time and money if you will follow this advice in making your birdhouse stand-up and take notice.

  • The lumber used to build this birdhouse is in 1x4 sizes and is easy to use. Notice also the edges that are cut in how neat they look. This is because the table saw or whatever saw was used had a new blade to use. A dull blade with always give you a dull look. Remember that.

  • Notice too at the number of small nails used in making the birdhouse look so well. I could four or five to each side to be nailed or shot with a small nail gun. Either style is fine just as long as the nails are not smashed and drove into the wood into those awful angles and can come apart unless a good brand of wood glue can be used first before nailing or shooting the wood.

  • The birdhouse is a perfect example of a “Bluebird Apartment.” Look at the hole that our friend is staying-put to pose for our camera. The hole is a near-perfect 1 to 1/2” to 2 inches in diameter because bluebirds are finicky about birdhouse entry holes. Bluebirds love to feel secure in their house so nothing bigger than them can invade their space.

  • The Vertical Design that we see here is probably the best-known and easiest to build for yourself, gifts to others, or sales in markets. A birdhouse (like this) can be built in less than 20-minutes counting the design area to use to clean the birdhouse nest when season is over. Then a new batch of bluebirds will appreciate the new living area the next spring.


Take a Good Look at The Birdhouse Above:

This is no garden salad birdhouse. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you can tell just by looking that the birdhouse designer took his or her time and gave the birdhouse a working blueprint from the inches of the cuts to the wood pieces to each side of the project.

  • Notice the way in which the birdhouse was not painted. It would appear to be more than two coats of paint was used to give it that “showroom look.” At this juncture, I would suggest that in your birdhouse painting, to use at least two coats of your paint. But DO NOT use any water seal on your wood or even water proof paint because birds are very sensitive and can detect an annoying aroma that will drive them away, and you do not want that.

  • As I was saying, a project that is this big and involved will take you longer than the Bluebird houses. This bigger bidhouse project could take you about two weeks if you are very particular with your building and designing.

  • To repeat, (this) offering is a "Birdhouse Apartment Complex," because it gives the birds a choice between a two and a three hole amount of space. I just hope that the owner of this project has thought (as it was built) to design a way to clean-out the birdhouse nest so you can have a clean space for a new flock of "friends" to fly in and live their lives inside a bridhouse like yours.

  • A birdhouse build like this one would easily sell for $300.00 and I have seen them sell for more.

Be careful. Take your time when you are excited about building a stardard or exotic-looking birehouse, but all in all, this is your thing. Not anyone else's, unless a customer has bought (a) birdhouse or several. I would suggest that the same principles can apply to the one or several birdhouse building.

Happy building and remember . . .DO NOT injure or kill our birds for they also have a place in our world.

June 7, 2020_________________________________________________-

© 2020 Kenneth Avery


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