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Secret Hidden Characters and Hidden Character Trophies in Mortal Kombat 2011

Updated on October 24, 2012

The Secret Characters of Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2011 comes packed with single-player content. There is an engaging story mode, classic arcade ladders, four types of side-events, and even tons of secrets to discover in all modes and in the Krypt, the game's unlockable store. This Hub will cover the secret characters you can unlock for play and the secret fights you can encounter in the ladder mode.

Cyber Sub-Zero - Playable

Cyber Sub-Zero is a playable character. He is one of the easiest characters to unlock. All you have to do is finish chapter 14 in story mode. After that, you get the character and the trophy/achievement.

Cyber Sub-Zero has the classic slide and freeze moves. He also has a parry move where he freezes himself, and if your opponent hits you in that window they become frozen. He borrows grenade tosses from Cyrax. Instead of starting an air juggle, Cyber Sub-Zero's grenades freeze your opponent. Cyber Sub-Zero can teleport. His X-Ray must be initiated in the air and it's similar to Kung Lao's diving kick move.

Quan Chi - Playable

To unlock Quan Chi as a playable character, you only need to beat the story mode. After the ending, you get the trophy/achievement and access to the fighter in all modes.

His most useful special is the mind-control, which will leave your opponent open, walking toward you slowly. This is a great time to use his X-Ray attack. He has a standard projectile in the form of a flying skull. He has fast combos and is deadly to the experienced player who can keep the hits and air juggles going.

Jade - Secret Fight

Jade is a playable character, but you can also fight her classic version. You must find her, which also unlocks a hidden trophy/achievement. In order to face her in a fight, you must beat Shang Tsung with a double flawless victory.

A cheap way to access this fight is to set the difficulty to easy and crush him. If he does get a move off, you can pause the game, head back to the select fighter screen, and start the fight again. This will reset the flag that determines whether or not you got a double-flawless during the fight. You will then face Jade in Goro's Lair.

Noob Saibot - Secret Fight

In order to face classic Noob Saibot in the tournament ladder, you must find him. You must wait until you get a fight at the Temple (Cathedral) stage. If Noob Saibot is visible in the background, then you must win the fight without using block.

Again, as with the Jade fight, you can reset the fight by going back to the fighter select screen from the pause menu if you mess up. Setting the difficulty to easy is cheap, but allows you to accomplish this for the trophy/achievement.

Smoke - Secret Fight

The playable version of Smoke appears in the tournament, but you can also find and fight the classic version. In the Dead Forest, wait for Smoke to appear from behind one of the trees. Now, press down and select repeatedly until you are taken to the fight. This is another hidden trophy/achievement for Mortal Kombat 9.

If Smoke does not appear during the fight, reset the fight by heading back to the fighter select screen from the pause menu.

Reptile - Secret Fight

The classic version of Reptile is available to fight the same way he was in the original Mortal Kombat. Wait for a fight to take place in the tournament ladder at the Pit. Once there, watch the background and wait for something to fly across the sky. When you see this, this is your chance to face Reptile. Now, perform two flawless victories, then a stage fatality, and do not use the block button. I know, right? The hidden trophy/achievement is worth it, as you can then brag to all your friends.

Again, I suggest setting the difficulty to easy just to get the fight. If you mess up, you can reset the fight by heading back to the fighter select screen from the pause menu. When you unlock this fight, you face Reptile in the bottom of the pit.

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