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Most Expensive Pokémon Card

Updated on February 23, 2013
Pokemon Illustrator
Pokemon Illustrator | Source

What is the most expensive pokémon card ever made?

Pokémon have been a popular tv show for the past decade and during the height of its popularity, it spawed many games including pokémon trading card game. The show is mainly about “trainers” who used their pokémon to duel other “trainers” in a quest to be the best “trainer”. The card game mimics this concept, where you are the trainer and you battle it out with other trainers using cards that represent these pokémon.

As the show grew more popular, the trading card game became a huge hit. At the height of its popularity, almost every child had pokémon cards. With the decline of the pokémon tv show, the trading card game is no longer as popular as it once was. Only the hardcore fan still participates in this trading card game. Yet, the values of certain pokémon cards are in the thousand of dollars and only continue to increase.

Pokémon Illustrator

The most expensive pokémon card also happens to be the rarest: the Pokémon Illustrator or the Pikachu Illustrator. This card was released as a promotional card and was given to the winner of the Pokémon Card Game Illustration Contest which begins in 1997. Widely considers as the rarest pokémon card in the entire world, only four of these card were ever released. It has been sold for 20,000 dollars and has been selling for 10,000 dollars and above in recent years.

Most Expensive Mass Produce Card

The most expensive and popular mass produce pokémon card is the Charizard card. With a high hp of 120 and a devastating fire spin attack that does 100 damage, this card can cost as high as 125 dollars. This is a must have cards for any serious players.

How To Tell If Your Card Is Rare?

A rare pokémon card is easily identifiable. At the bottom right corner of the card should be a symbol. If there is a star there, it is consider a rare card. Not all rare cards are worth a lot of money and its value depends on the popularity of the card game. If you have a card that you think is valuable, check to see if other people are selling it on the internet. Also check the history of the card out too, if it is a limited edition card that has only a few released, it could be thousand of dollars.


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