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Most Fun Free Iphone Games

Updated on May 12, 2012
  1. DarkSummoner by Ateam Inc. is an online game that is essentially a card game. You can make friends, trade monsters, battle against your enemies and compete to get high up on the ranking list. I love that they update often, it definitely isn't an abandoned app. There seems to always be something new, whether it be a contest or the ability to do something new or better. For free it is worth trying and I bet you'll get addicted like I did.
  2. Pocket Potions by Breaktime Studios is a simulation game much like farmville. You harvest ingredients, make potions and sell them to buy better stuff for your store. I found it fun and addicting. While the game does get tiresome eventually, I feel like since it's free, it's still worth trying, what do you have to lose?
  3. Amazing Breaker Free by Dekovir Inc. is a very different sort of game, while it is setup like a brick breaker game, it is better in a lot of ways. you use a sort of slingshot at the bottom of the screen to fling exploding bombs at a beautiful glass creation. The object is to destroy all of the glass with a limited amount of ammo. I loved this game because it was different, beautiful, and as always, addicting.
  4. Defender Chronicles Free by Chillingo Ltd. This is the best tower defense game I have ever played. While I ended up buying the paid version since I liked it so much, I also spent hours playing the free version. The storyline keeps you entertained while the gameplay itself keeps you thinking of new strategies to get the highest score. You can even get equipment for your hero and change your hero if you find the old one useless. Give it a try and I doubt you will be dissapointed.
  5. Trundle by mobile bros., LLC is a dark, fun, strange and sometimes tedious game. The object of the game is to tilt your device to move this strange ball into the next screen. While that may sound very simple, I'm sure you've guessed that there is more to it than that. Every screen you go through is a new challenge, you might have to jump over a large pit by moving something to just the right spot, or climb a wall and quickly move in another direction to complete the challenge. I did rage quit this game a few times however, my curiousity of what the solution was would always bring me back. I replayed this game I don't know how many times since, you may know the solutions but some take a sort of skill , not just the knowledge of what to do.


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