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Most Popular Kids Toys 2014

Updated on October 30, 2014

What Are The Most Popular Kids Toys?

Everyone wants to know this year's popular toys for kids. They might be the top electronic toy or the top video game but if you are looking for the top favorites, you need to check out this list. Kids love opening presents and especially the ones everyone wants.

If you see something you like on this site you can click on the picture for more details. Shopping online for the kids toys makes sense because you don't need to fight the mall crowds. Additionally you can be assured of the availability of the toy immediately. You simply shop for your presents on line, make a secure payment and the favorite kids toys will be shipped right to your home. You can also have the items shipped directly to the recipient. Easy as pie! Here is a guide to Amazon's hottest toys.

If you decide to buy a toy for that special someone on your list, you will put a big smile on their face. You will not only be giving a special gift but also a special and fun memory. Have fun shopping!

Elastic Band Jewelry

One of the hottest new crazes of the year is this elastic band jewelry maker where kids can be creative and make all kinds and colors of jewelry.

You can purchase either the bands or looms separately or in kits. Creative kids like to mix all the colors into beautiful designs. You Tube has a lot of videos that show how different bracelets can be made. The looms and bands will be a very popular craft sensation for this season.

Meowsic Keyboard

The Meowsic keyboard is a min piano that plays bells, organ, banjo and a silly meowaphone. It has 20 familiar songs plus 7 witty kitty tunes.

The Meowsic has a retractable microphone that amplifies children's voices. It records and plays back songs over and over.

The Meowsic keyboard is recommended for ages 2 years and up. It is a great keyboard that will give a child hours of musical fun. The recording feature and the meow music is especially enjoyable by the preschool set.

Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey

Mickey walks, talks, and dances coming to life right before your eyes. Each different song features a different dance with new moves and grooves that are so much fun.

Dance Star Mickey includes a bunch of interactive fun for children. It is entertainment for kids of all ages and will most likely be one of the hot toys of the season.

Monster High School Playset

Monster High dolls will haunt the halls of Monster High School with this popular fold out play set. The Mattel Monster High High School includes lockable lockers with skull locks, a mad science classroom, casketball court, and Creepateria with a DJ booth.

Dolls are not included but it does come with accessories such asm wacky creepateria food, trophies, and school supplies for your monsters. It expands to play and collapses to store. Take it anywhere with the carry handle..

Fisher Price Kids Digital Camera

Fisher Price has made a real digital camera that's tough and easy for kids to use all by themselves. It has dual hand grips to help them steady their picture taking.

The Inbuilt Memory stores over 1000+ pictures. The camera features a 4X digital zoom.

There is also a downloadable PC Based Video Software for special effects (stampers, frames etc,).

Any kid would love this camera so they can take pictures just like Mom and Dad. Its fun and easy to use. It comes in several colors. It is one of the most popular kids toys this year.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical table

The Learn & Groove Table has 15 activities and over 40 songs and melodies!

Activities provide opportunities for baby to explore with a roll, tap, slide or spin.

Includes a variety of music styles for baby to enjoy. Introduces shapes, numbers and counting 1-10 in both English and Spanish.

Comes with either blue or green legs to attach to table as baby grows. The sturdy, plastic-molded, brightly colored table sits flat on the floor for babies to play at while sitting. You can attach the table's legs to adjust it to accommodate toddlers' play while standing.

This is a great toy for little ones about the age of 9 months through 30 months.. They will love playing with all the activities. 

Skylander Toys

Skylander toys are collectible character figures for the Skylander video game. Basically they are cool figurines that come to life in the video game.

Here's the info about Skylander: You buy a starter set with three physical characters, a plastic "portal," and the game itself. Plug the portal into your game console and whatever character you place on the portal surface is the one you play in the game.

You can buy a new toy character and then you can play that particular character in the game. Each character stores all the information from the game, including items, cash, and multi-player victories. Additionally you can use them all at a friend's house just by bringing your characters along. It is an awesome and addictive way to bring real toys and video together.

Furreal Friends

FurrReal Friends are life like furry animal friends. They make real sounds and movements and kids love to play with them.

The Furreal Friends come in many animal styles such as the panda, dogs and monkeys.

There are also the Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies that scamper around and come with play sets.

The Furreal Friends are a line of toys that are great fun for kids.

Fisher Price IXL Learning System

The preschool digital learning device is a great toy for the young learning set. It imitates an adult computer tablet and kids love to be just like their Mom's and Dad's.

The IXL Learning System includes 6 in 1activities It flips open and turns from a book to a game player and so much more—it’s like having six digital devices in one.

It has music, an interactive story, art and writing activities, a learning game and more. The Fisher Price IXL Learning System is one toy kids will love to play with because its so much fun. Parents love it because the kids learn so much.

Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo is sure to please your little one this holiday season. This Sesame Street favorite is giving away plenty of furry hugs.

There are lots of ways to play with Elmo and kids will love it. He hugs and dances and is a very entertaining friend for any child.

Kids love these hot new toys so take a look at the Big Hugs Elmo you can purchase.

Most Popular Kids Toys
Most Popular Kids Toys


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    • pakpub profile image

      pakpub 7 years ago from Ohio

      Eoin H - My son started playing video games at age 4 too! There are many age appropriate games that he could play and learn things. It also teaches hand and eye coordination. Video games are pretty popular so I wouldn't worry about your decision. Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Eoin H 7 years ago

      My young lad will be 4 on the 25th Dec and being xmas and his birthday all in one we feel we have to get him something extra special but all he has been asking for is a Xbox 360. Now, when he first said it I thought he just heard it somewhere like an ad on TV and is just repeating it.. like young kids do. But he is now getting very serious about having one and keeps asking. I know its not really a toy for kids of that age, but it shows how different kids are today compared to when we were kids. When I was 4 I was happy with a set of crayola crayons and a colouring pad. We ended up buying an xbox for him but now not sure if that was a good idea, altho he does play with my PS2, he does turn it off when hes told, but from what ive seen those xbox games look alot better and could be harder to 'remove' him from the front of the TV set.

      Any thoughts?

    • profile image

      psoboss 7 years ago

      Toys, a magical word that is on the mind of most children all over the world during the Christmas season.The best blog very informative!

    • profile image

      psoboss 7 years ago

      Toys 2010 , Toys are developed and manufactured practically each day for kids. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information.

    • profile image

      psoboss 7 years ago

      Top toys,Many ways to find those toys that suits your children’s desires. You could listen and watch for their wishes and favorite toys. Christmas toys are easily sold out so you must hurry and buy those toys your children wanted.

    • pakpub profile image

      pakpub 7 years ago from Ohio

      Daisy - The digital camera for kids is very cool. My niece has one and she loves it. Thanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      daisy 7 years ago

      The camera is way cool. I have twin grandsons who love to take pictures and since they are only 4 the camera gets dropped alot. These cameras stand up to all the punishments 4 year olds dole out.

    • pakpub profile image

      pakpub 7 years ago from Ohio

      @Joe P - The Meowsic Keyboard is very entertaining for kids. Thanks for stopping by.

      @hildyg - The kids digital camera make them feel cool with their own camera. Thanks for commenting.

    • hildyg profile image

      hildyg 7 years ago

      That camera is very cool, I think it will be a huge hit with the kids!

    • profile image

      Joe P. 7 years ago

      This is the first that I've heard of the Meowsic Keyboard. It looks like a terrific gift. Thanks for the 411!