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Hotwheels Movie Car Diecast - Part 2

Updated on February 1, 2015

Movie Cars Diecast featured here

Before moving on, here is a short list of movie car diecast in the order in which they are featured on this post:

  • Drive Angry / The Fast and The furious / Jack Kreacher
  • The Losers
  • Mars Rover Curiosity
  • NSS Enterprise diecast replica from Hotwheels
  • Angry Birds Red Bird
  • Angry Birds Minion Pig diecast
  • Bruce Wayne's diecast collection
  • Bruce Almighty

If you don't find the movie car diecast you are looking for, please feel free to visit the first or succeeding part of this series.

Drive Angry Hotwheels Movie Car

The first two movie diecast cars featured here are from the movies Drive Angry and The Losers – two awesome movie car diecast replicas from two great movies.

Drive Angry is a 2011 film that every action junkie should love. It has a lot of senseless action, gory killings, fast old muscle cars, and sexy women. Unfortunately, it received mixed reviews and did not perform well in the box office (actually it is considered a box office bomb).

Drive Angry stars Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard and is still one great action movie comparable to other action films such as Machete and Sin City.

The Losers is a 2010 film adaptation of Vertigo Comics with the same name. The film has an ensemble cast and similar with Drive Angry, the movie is an action film that has been widely panned by movie critics as too shallow and an inferior version of the A-Team film (for those who are not aware, the A-Team film was released a few months after the release date of The Losers).

Whatever anyone might say, The Losers is a great film that combined Action and Comedy. The actors are great, the plot is exciting, and has an unexpected twist at the end.

About the Drive Angry Diecast:

  • 1970 Chevelle SS maroon
  • Produced by diecast manufacturer Hotwheels
  • The movie diecast car has great details and paint job. The base is not the usual black but is chrome and though this Drive Angry movie diecast does not sport rubber tires, the rims perfectly suits the diecast movie car.

  • Considered as an Unofficial release movie car.
  • Did you know? The same actual car maker and model of this diecast movie replica has also been used by Dominic Torreto on The Fast and The Furious (1st installment after the credits) and by the character played by Tom Cruise in the movie Jack Kreacher

The Losers Diecast:

  • This movie diecast is not actually a car but is a Ducati 1048 color white.
  • Interestingly, this Loser’s movie diecast has blown at the end and is did not have much screen time.

Bruce Almighty Diecast Model Cars from Hotwheels

Bruce Almighty is one of my favorite Jim Carrey movies. In fact, I actually like his earlier works compared to the recent ones. Bruce Almighty is quite special because it featured a sleek Saleen S7. Anyone who saw the movie would definitely notice it too.

Hotwheels Retro Series

Great job Hotwheels for releasing (and will be releasing) a bunch of movie cars in their Retro Series lineup. Below are some of the ones that are already out

Hotwheels Mars Rover Curiosity

This next Hotwheels diecast is not from a movie or TV series but is quite iconic as it is the diecast replica of the Mars Rover Curiosity. For those who are not aware, Mars Rover Curiosity is the miniature robot that was sent by NASA to Mars to gather rocks and any other martian samples. I wonder if it encountered the alien friend of George on the popular TV show Bugs Bunny

Hot wheels Flintmobile

Yabadadoo!!! This year, Hotwheels released another version of the Flintmobile. It is totally different from the one released before as part of a cereal promotion as that one is a color changer yet sill diecast. Frankly, I believe the first one is better but this one has a much better card design and back description.

USS Enterprise diecast Hotwheels 2013

Amazingly, Hotwheels have released a USS Enterprise diecast replica on its 2013 lineup. A lot of people surely recognizes the USS Enterprise from the TV show / movie Star Trek. Unfortunately, it is quite popular so if you spot one at the pegs, better get it as hoarders would surely want their hands on this one.

FYI please that Johnny Lightning has also produced Star Trek diecast replicas a couple of years ago. And like old manufactured toys, the Enterprise of JL would surely have a high price tag if ever you find one.

Hotwheels Red Angry Bird

Just like the iconic diecast featured above, this one is not from a movie or TV show but rather from a popular mobile game Angry Birds. Featured here is the red bird which is actually the icon or mascot of the hit game series.

This particular diecast would also be enjoyed be by youngsters as it is quite solid and young kids are usually fond of ramming their hotwheels cars to walls or with other Hotwheels vehicles - just like in the game.

Hotwheels Minion Pig

Naturally, if Hotwheels produced the hero of the mega hit game Angry Bird, they would also have to produce the game's antagonist - Minion Pig. Obviously, what would the hero be with no villain right.

Bruce Wayne Diecast Model Cars

The one of the top is Bruce Wayne's Lambo (The Dark Knight) that saved the life of the snitch while the one on the bottom appeared on the first film of Christian Bale as Batman
The one of the top is Bruce Wayne's Lambo (The Dark Knight) that saved the life of the snitch while the one on the bottom appeared on the first film of Christian Bale as Batman

Since Batman has an exclusive post regarding his batmobile diecast (See Hotwheels Movie Cars - Part 3), it is only natural for his alter ego Bruce Wayne to have an exotic collection of vehicles. Featured on the right and below are some of Bruce Wayne's cars that appeared in the movies.

A short video of different movie car diecasts

Like movie diecast movie cars?

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    • writerjj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hmmmm, I wonder? ;)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hey, nice collection. is the zombieland official / authentic? I want one ...

    • writerjj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @ctbrown7 - thanks for reading :)

      Hotwheels, Matchbox, Tomica, and Disney CARS are example of diecast cars ;)

      @Chase - wow, thanks for the info, will have to look for that 808. The Ducati that I have will have to do for the meantime :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice! FYI though, the one used on the losers is a Ducati 808 =Þ

      But the 1098 is a close resemblance.

      Nice set of fast and furious cars on the link too...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Interesting hub. I've never seen a diecast car before.


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