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Mugen MBX6

Updated on July 5, 2011

When you've decided that its time to have your very own RC car, consider buying the Mugen MBX6.  Owned by Mugen Seiki Racing, it is an offroad buggy phenomena that gives you the best buggy experience from its chassis and all the way up!  With excellent design and front & rear suspension as well as bulkheads, Mugen MBX6 gives you that truly awesome ride.  Its lightweight drive train allows you to cut down on rotating mass among other things. More than this, its engine's fuel tanks and radio gears have been transferred as close as they possibly can  to the chassis' center to create a very fast RC.  In fact, you should know that the makers of this brand is a consistent brand leader within the offroad buggy (1/8) market.

One feature included in the Mugen MBX6  is its three differential shaft driven four wheel drive.  It also has a fuel tank with minimal center of gravity.  Basically, this means that it gives you the optimum design for maximum fuel efficiency.   More than this, it also has wheel nuts that are self-locking, giving you all the wheel control that an RC needs.  In order to avoid shock damage,  it possesses new geometry front suspension as well as rear suspension dirt/mud guards that makes this remote control car very safe.  Its 15 mm threaded shock sets for both front & rear   and 4 mm front & rear shock towers made of carbon graphite are more than what you can find in the usual RC. Of course, don’t forget the brake pads (pre-glued).

The Mugen MBX6 are sold in areas such as North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Eastern Asia, and Western Europe.  The off-road buggies usually require parts such as a rear exhaust engine that is .21 cu, a tunded pipe that has a manifold exhaust, 2-channel radio, starter box. buillding equipment, and track equipment. Some of these offroad buggies have  gearboxes that are sealed for both front & rear, and three planetary geared differentials.  They can also have a full tank of 5.1 oz or approximately 150 cc.  Their clutch is a 3-shoe aluminum and a clutch bell with 13 tooth steel.

Other interesting features are its adjustable cater or toe in which refers to the angle of the front suspension from the relation of its chassis. Its adjustable camber that is the angle of the tops of the tires from its vertical, which is either view from the front or behind the vehicle.  The steering capability is also a bell-crank type with carbon graphite steering brace and adjustable ackerman. When we refer to ackerman, this is the effect of the front wheel turning faster  than the outside front wheel when it turns during the ice.

With all its features and some required parts, you cannot deny that the Mugen MBX6 certainly stands out from all other race car machines out there. It is fast, safe, and available in most countries in the world. Is there really any competition? With all its bells & whistles, what can stand in its way?


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