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Mullah Nasruddin Short Stories In English

Updated on November 18, 2015
Mulla in his donkey
Mulla in his donkey | Source

Mulla Nasruddin has been part of a culture of many countries. People often quote his stories and jokes in their day to day activities. Translation of his work is available in many languages in various countries and introduced as story form in a school curriculum. In this hub, I will tell you about Mulla Nasruddin and some of his humorous short stories.

Mulla Nasruddin Biography

Mulla Nasruddin was the Sufi saint who born in holy city khoy,Iran in the 13th century.He did primary education in Khorasan and Herat.Later he served as an Islamic judge in kayseri,Iran. He was vazir in kaykaus.He has roamed in number countries like turkey, china , Bulgaria,kazakistan.

Mulla Nasruddin Birthplace

No one knows the exact time of his death.However, sources say that he died in 1275-76 or 1285-86.While living in these countries, his activities and dealing became stories and later these stories became famous. As the time passed, new stories of Mulla Nasruddin added.

Mulla used to have donkey as pet and ride. Normally people keep cat, dog or cow as pet but keeping donkey seems very unusual in case of mulla. From his character and behaviour it seems that he was very carefree and jolly. He didn’t have any worry for the future

Childrens in mulla-nasruddin play
Childrens in mulla-nasruddin play | Source

Famous Books On Mulla Nasruddin

There are some famous books written by renowned author on mulla nasrussin.Some are

  • 600 Mulla Nasreddin Tales by Mohammad Ramazani in Persian language,
  • The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasreddin, by Idries Shah Translated by Richard Williams
  • The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin by Ron J Suresha


Mulla Nasruddin Humorous Short Stories

Mulla Nasruddin and alcohol

One day Mullah Nasurrdin was going on his way sitting on his dear donkey. A man was coming from opposite side. He has milk in one bowl. As the man reached near Mulla Nasruddin, he did usual salam walekum and asked Mulla. I have one problem Nasruddin sahib, Mulla said tell me what is it? The man said when I get up in the morning my head remains heavy and the feeling was like I had taken alcohol.

Mulla asked the man what you used to eat in night.The man replied milk. Mulla thought for a while and said I know the cause. He said while sleeping as you move, the milk on your stomach moves and turns into curd.Curd rotten and turns into alcohol.


Man asked Mulla about the solution of the problem and what should I do.Mulla replied said stop taking milk. At once, he has taken milk from the man and left.

Mulla Nassruddin and the guard of treasury.

Once upon a time a guard used to protect city treasuryin the king Akbar reign.As the new money comes, he used to enter it in his books. Gradually, he started taking some money from it and making changes in the entry.

One day when the king came to know about this, he called the guard and told him that he doesn’t need him and removed him from the post. As a punishment, he told the guard that he will have to eat the paper which he has changed.With difficulty, he followed the order.

After sometime king appointed Mulla Nasruddin as a guard. After a week king called him with the entries. This time, Mulla placed bread in front of the king with the records written on them.

The king asked, “Why did you write your records on this?

“Maharaj,” Nasrudin said, “I know what happened to the guy you have appointed before, so I made entries on bread lest you should get me eaten it too.”

Poll On Mullah Nasruddin

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      3 years ago from Bangalore

      your kind comment is most welcome Rabadi

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      3 years ago from New York

      Yes I thought this was an interesting and great read, keep them coming I'm Fllowing you now , check our my page :)


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