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Top 5 Multiplayer Games for Nintendo 64

Updated on April 4, 2012

Before the net - us gamers joined up with friends (and enemies) to play in front of the TV in an all-out brawl that lead to many fun nights of video game marathons.

Back in the Nintendo 64 days, there were five games that especially made for a great time - guaranteed. For those that grew up with the system, you probably already have a special set of games you played with your friends - for everyone else or those getting back into this generation of gaming - you're going to get a trip outta this.

In this hub, I'm going to be sharing the top five Nintendo 64 multiplayer games. Grab your controllers - it's time to go head-to-head with your best friends.


The first person shooter amongst first person shooters: Goldeneye64!

The fact that the movie was a massive hit made it a great time for 007 fans and gamers alike. This game redefined FPS games at the time because it had tons of unique levels, dozens of different guns, a great soundtrack, cheats, hidden gems, and of course: multiplayer.

Goldeneye64 was one game that people would spend thousands of hours playing over the summer; it was the perfect party game at the time. There's been attempts to revive this game on different platforms but the N64 version still stands as the strongest and one with the most memories for us growing up on the Nintendo 64.

Mario Kart 64

If there's one game that set the stage for all-time favorite racing game amongst fans than it's Mario Kart 64.

Imagine, for years, playing the major Nintendo characters - Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and more - and then throw them all together into a game where you raced each other at high speeds, on crazy tracks that took you all the way to Rainbow Road, and throw in the ability to throw shells, zap racers, cut through shortcuts, and get boosts against your friends.

This wasn't just a racing game - it was a battle. You're racing against your friends but they're certainly coming after you with the power ups. This game had us captivated for years.

Super Smash Brothers

Mario Kart 64 brought a whole new level to racing games by throwing in our favorite Mario characters but one game that will go down as one of the greatest, innovative games of all time - it's Super Smash Brothers.

Until this time, most fighting games were 1 v 1 or some kind of team switch format. What Super Smash Brothers did was add a dynamic, free roaming element to the fighter by throwing in familiar levels from our favorite games, power ups and items that we found in our favorite games, and, of course, our childhood hero's from the games we've spent hundreds of hours playing.

Mario Party

Like the other successful multiplayer, party games on this list - Mario Party took the same, great formula of throwing together our favorite Mario characters but with a classic board game twist.

Mario Party was especially fun because of all the mini games. Gather your friends and you suddenly found yourself highly competitive, having a blast playing the game, breaking your controller in frustration, spending all night taking turns, and so much more.

Mario Party is now pushing past its 9th edition but the first (and second) will always be the fan favorite - it's where it all started.

Star Fox 64

Anyone that has played Star Fox 64 can immediately pull out a few memories: "Do a barrel roll!" and how much of a jerk Falco was.

The single player story of Star Fox 64 was really quite amazing but where it really shined was the multiplayer. You had a choice between each of the characters along with different styles whether it's flying an Arwing, driving a tank, or going at it on foot.

Games could last for hours on end; the levels were extremely fun when you gathered up your buds - Star Fox 64 is easily on this list and will definitely be on many people's list of the best game ever.

There ya have it - a bit of nostalgia for all of us that grew up in the age of the N64.

Anyone reading this will certainly get a rush of great memories of playing these games with friends - others that haven't had the chance to play these classics should definitely drop a few bucks and pick up the classics.

View the larger list of multiplayer N64 games and where to buy them on Amazon.

I don't know about you but I'm about to dig out my N64 and throw in some of these games - invite some friends over - and have a night of nostalgia!

What was your favorite multiplayer N64 game?

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